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Pokémon Breeding Center 2

Well, this is the sequel to Pokémon Breeding Center… This story contains some NC, anal, stretching, pain… and of course, pokémon. Mind you, there are others out there who write pokémon stories, or makes pornographic pokémon pictures, but I have noticed that they tend to use the same pokémon over and over… at the moment, we've got several hundred different types here, so I’m going to add a little variety. Eevee is among those over-used pokémons, true, but Bedrill isn’t someone we’ve seen a lot of – and who’s ever heard of Forretress in relation to pokémon porn?!?

Pokémon Breeding Center 2

Crystal browsed through the pokédex, feeling pretty annoyed. She needed a powerful bug-type to counter some of those annoying psychics, but hardly any of the bug pokémon could learn a bug-type move. The two who could, Beedrill and Heracross, were dualtype as poison and fighting, respectively. That nullified their advantage against psychic. Suddenly, her eyes caught at one of the listings… Forretress, a bug-steel dualtype. It didn’t learn any bug-moves naturally, but the listing in the bottom said that it could learn Pin Missile through breeding… and she had a Beedrill with Pin Missile stashed somewhere in Bill’s PC.

Closing her pokédex, she went over to her PC and started looking through the boxes. She soon found the Beedrill, and after a while longer she also found the Forretress she had trained up months earlier. She had caught a Pineco and made it evolve in order to fill up her pokédex, but hadn’t used it since. Pulling it out of the PC, she attached the two pokéballs to her belt and went outside to release her Pidgeot. A short flight later, she was at the Pokémon daycare center.

She had been so much in a hurry, though, that she had forgotten to check a certain crucial detail about the two pokémons… they were both male.

The last week had been pure bliss. After Rhydon and Machamp had been picked up by Crystal – hopefully to get beaten in battle against a superior foe – I had had the entire area to myself. I had spent the time resting and recuperating, and done a lot of bathing, trying to get the smell of them out of my fur. I have a very sensitive nose. I carefully avoided thinking about tomorrow, but I knew that sooner or later, some other pokémon would be put in here with me. And then I could only pray that… but I hadn’t had a lot of luck with praying.

How I hate being right… six days after Crystal had picked up Rhydon and Machamp, she returned to deposit some others. I watched with mixed curiosity and fear as they were released, but saw nothing that I would consider as a threat. Beedrill and Forretress. Insects, completely incompatible with me in every way. I figured that I would probably not interact with them to any greater degree, but as soon as the daycare man had left, Beedrill bore down on me. His face clearly showed that Machamp had talked (Rhydon had always been the silent type – but Machamp was liable to brag.), and that he had decided to get a piece of the cake – that would be me – for himself. What goes for Forretress, well… I couldn’t read his face. Strange guy. It was only a faint smell of testosterone in the air that told me that it was a male, anyway.

I wasn’t thinking much about him, anyway. He seemed perfectly happy to just hang around, watching the drama unfold with those big eyes of his, while Beedrill continued to approach me. He didn’t speak at all, which was just as well, since I couldn’t understand the Beedrill language. Some insects, like Butterfree, were quite easy to understand, but Bedrills talked by way of humming and clicking sounds. Well, all that didn’t really matter… his intentions were quite clear, he didn’t need to say anything. Fortunately, it was still early, so there wasn’t anyone on the road yet. Knowing that I could no nothing against his strength – the guy was level 39 – I decided to get it over with before we attracted a crowd, just like last time.

As I turned around, lifted my tail and bend over, I wondered where he was hiding his dick. Machamp’s underwear was an exception, but Rhydon’s sliding armor gave me the general idea. I peeked over my shoulder to watch him unveil his instrument, and immediately regretted doing so. He had pushed forth his bloated abdomen, and now the sharp spike at the tip was… opening, if that was the right word. Maybe ‘dividing’ came closer. The round spike had split into six segments on the middle, sliding slowly outwards, each more pointy than the original spike. From between them emerged his cock, which was not as strangely shaped as I could have feared. It lacked the obvious cockhead and ridge of those I had seen so far, looking like nothing more than a pointy stick. It was covered in some sort of slime, and a drop of precum hung at the tip.

As it emerged fully, the spikes did not close around it as I had hoped, but stayed a few millimeters out from it. Tears began forming in my eyes as I realized what pain it could cause, to have those spikes pushed into the sensitive flesh that surrounded both of my holes. My legs were shaking, but the spikes on his upper set of limbs were bigger than the lower ones… and I had no doubt as to the result should I try to escape from a winged foe within this enclosure. I lowered my head again, and gritted my teeth. I had endured pain before, like when Machamp had forced both of his cocks into my asshole. At least Beedrill would not widen me beyond endurance… compared to either of my two previous lovers – well, rapists, really – his girth was puny. But those spikes…

A second later, the thought was blanketed by bleak reality as he pushed himself into my pussy. It had tightened up some in the past week, but around his cock it was nonetheless rather sloppy. Meeting little resistance, his first push brought him to the bottom, and brought me the expected pain when the spikes that surrounded his dick hit my labia. By pure accident – I seriously doubt that he would be able to do it on purpose – one of them hit me directly in the clitoris… the pain was blinding, it forced the air from my lungs and denied me the ability to scream out my agony. The impacts on my outer labia felt like gentle pin-pricks compared to the red-hot spear that had been jammed through my poor clitty.

The eternity probably lasted no more than a few seconds, but I can’t say for sure… when he pulled back, I gasped for air like a diver just returned from the bottom of the sea. The pain lingered, but it felt insignificant compared to what I had just felt. I was so shaken by the brief, terrifying pain that I felt relief when he pulled out of me completely – I was unable to think as far as the consequences of that. It became clear to me a moment later, though, when he forced his way into my asshole instead. It had been spread as wide as my pussy, but had recuperated faster. It was not quite back to its previous tightness, but apparently it satisfied Beedrill. He started thrusting swiftly, hitting bottom with his third stroke. The pain of his spikes piercing my anal ring made me yelp… apparently, the already sensitive flesh became even more so when it was stretched.

His speed was something new to me. Machamp and Rhydon had been impressive in girth, but neither one of them had possessed much in the ways of speed. Beedrill, however, had it in plenty. I could not see his abdomen from my position under him, but I could imagine that it would be a blur as he jabbed me with impossible frequency. His spikes hit my anal ring again and again, so quickly that it felt as if they were there constantly. I could feel drops of blood gliding slowly down from my anus, getting stuck in the fur above my pussy… apparently, his jabs had occasionally hit hard enough to break the skin. I wondered briefly if it would leave lasting scars… but the present held enough problems for me to forget about the future. As it turned out, it did, slightly. You can still make out the marks, circling my asshole, especially when the skin there is stretched.

At that blinding speed, I was not surprised that he came quickly. It took only a few more minutes before he blasted his load up into my asshole, and although fair-sized it was nothing compared to what I was used to. As he lifted off me and buzzed away, I figured that that would probably be the pattern for the next several days. Short, but painful, sessions… also, there’d probably be a lot of them. When they cum fast, they can usually get it up again quick. I was still wondering a bit about Forretress, though… was he a pure voyeur, or would he try to join the fun? If so, how? I could do nothing either way, though, so there was no real point in thinking about it. Instead, I went to the pond to bathe my smarting asshole… I knew that the cold water would hurt in the fresh wounds, but infected wounds around my asshole was the last thing I wanted.

My predictions held true for three days. Beedrill screwed me in the ass five to six times a day and a few times in the night too. More often than not, there was someone on the path outside when it happened, and a small crowd quickly gathered to watch my humiliation. I didn’t care all that much about it anymore, though. Still, I was happy that no-one was watching when, on the fourth day, Forretress decided to join in. It happened shortly after Beedrill had taken me in the missionary position… I guess he’d gotten tired of doggy-style. The length and flexibility of his abdomen meant that he had no trouble reaching my asshole, even from that awkward position. I didn’t like it at all. It forced me to look him into his multi-part eyes during the whole thing, rather than closing my eyes and trying to forget it as usual. He seemed to enjoy it, though, considering that he continued after blowing his wad. It took him a long time to get off the second time, and by the time he was finished, I was exhausted.

Yes, getting fucked is quite tiring… just ask your girlfriend, if you don’t believe me. Providing, of course, that you’ve got one. Anyway, I was lying on my back, trying to catch my breath, when Forretress floated over. At first, I through he was just looking, as usual… with those eyes of his, it looks like he’s always staring. Then he turned sideways, and tilted downwards. I wasn’t late to realize that he was pointing one of his cannon-thingies straight at my upturned pussy. It was indicative of my rapid transformation into a submissive slut that I didn’t even try to escape. His mobility was low, and he didn’t seem threatening at all… it was entirely possible that he would have left me alone had I run away. But I didn’t.

At first, I thought for certain that he would never be able to enter me, the cannon was way too big. But then, instead of pushing it down into me, he… elongated it, if you can use that expression. The cannon morphed, becoming longer and thinner. It was still quite a bit larger than Beedrill’s, but smaller than Rhydon’s at the thickest place. Still, it was obviously hard as steel, and fairly long. I shivered when he entered me… it felt completely metallic, and was rather cold. As expected, his speed of entry was very low. I seriously doubt he could move any faster under the best of circumstances, and it was a rather awkward angle he was dealing with. The result was a long, cold and hard penetration. Quite pleasurable, really. Nobody had ever fucked me slowly, and I was enjoying it immensely.

Now, all my previous lovers had screwed me as quickly as they could, and the reason for that was obviously that they got more pleasure out of it that way – and I got less. I suppose Forretress was wired differently, ‘cause he sure seemed to enjoy it. So did I, and I quickly got into it. After a short while, I actually started fucking back at him, thrusting my pelvis up to meet his slow descend. Well, as much as I could manage from that difficult position. It was fairly obvious that all future lovemaking with him would have to be in that position too, though, since there’s no way he could manage the right angle if I was on all fours.

It took more than twenty minutes before he came, and by then I’d gone through three orgasms. He came like he fucked – slowly. There was no pressure in it, but he poured out quite a bit… almost as much as Rhydon had done. I was enjoying the sensation of being filled, along with the post-orgasmic glow, when I saw it… a huge bulge, moving down the cannon towards my cunt. It was bigger than Rhydon’s bulge, and looked somewhat like an Ekans who had swallowed a Raticate. I tried to move, but found that the cannon effectively pinned me to the ground. I couldn’t get away until Forretress decided to move up.

The bulge reached my cunt, and I looked in terror as my poor labia were spread around its bulk. My well-used pussy was being spread further than ever before, and the pain was enough to make my head swim. My tail also hurt from being forced into the ground by the pressure from above. It was a relief when the bulge finally popped inside, and my pussy lips closed over it. My cunt was still bulging outwards from the bulk right inside, but I figured that it would soon change, as the bulge continued down. It didn’t. Instead, Forretress started pulling out his cannon, moving upward at exactly the same pace as the bulge went down. A few seconds later, he pulled out completely, and my pussy was still bulging. Looking down, I could see that it was still partially open, and a metallic shine could be seen between the parted lips.

Having seen the clever equipment that Rhydons wield, I wasn’t long to figure out what had happened here. After having filled me with his sperm, he had put in a plug, both to keep the seed inside, and to keep possible future suitors from depositing theirs. The plug, quite appropriately, looked a bit like a cannonball… it was most probably metal, I could feel its weight. It was only the pressure of the sperm inside of me that kept it from continuing deeper into my womb, the way I was laying. With that thought in mind, I rolled around and got to my feet.

I yelped in pain as the weight of the ball pulled at my labia. Looking between my legs, I could see how its size deformed my pussy, making it stick out. I wondered how long it would stay there, and whether it would cause any permanent deformation… having my pussy lips hanging open forever wasn’t my idea of a good time. I winced with every step I took as I walked towards the lake. I hoped that the buoyancy of the water could lessen the weight. Quite appropriate that I would one day become a Vaporeon, considering how much time I spend in the water…

When Beedrill came to fuck my ass again a while later, he didn’t seem to care much about the ball. Apart form that first time, he had never used my pussy anyway… as a matter of fact, it presence in my pussy made my ass somewhat tighter, undoubtedly bringing him greater pleasure. And making it more painful for me. One or both of those factors exited him, that was clear… despite his earlier double-cum, he was randier than ever. Later that day, around twilight, he repeated his earlier feat of cumming twice in a row. He had been rather active all day, too. After those two loads, my bowels were full. When he left, I quickly ran to the designated toilet area, and emptied my innards completely, feeling a bit of relief getting his dirty cum out of me. It was rather difficult to pee, though, with that ball filling my pussy, but it was possible.

Having left the toilet, I went to drink at the lake. My asshole was still somewhat open, and the cool nigh air caressed it when I bend over to drink, lessening the pain from Bedrill’s spikes. Apparently, it also excited Forretress. His floating gave no sound, and so I didn’t notice him until his elongated cannon started penetrating my already sore ass. In doggy position, the angle was perfect for him to screw my ass, and that made it possible for him to move somewhat faster than last time. He penetrated me fully, which was somewhat painful due to his extremely inflexible ‘cock’. Still, it was much nicer than when Beedrill did it, and I would probably have enjoyed it – which would have made it the first time I ever enjoyed anal intercourse – if it wasn’t for the cold fear gripping my heart like a Fearow’s talons.

What scared me so that I couldn’t even move, was the thought of the outcome of this slow fuck. It seemed unlikely that he would not finish it the same way he had done it with my pussy, blocking my ass with a cannonball. I was also scared to think of what Beedrill would do when he found his favorite hole blocked – he’d likely take it out on me, since he’d be unable to as much as scratch Forretress’ armor. All these thoughts busied me so that I didn’t even notice how good his slow assfuck felt. Not until my first anal orgasm -ever- shattered my thoughts. It blanked my mind, almost knocking me unconscious. Then, I felt the pressure on my anal ring. I didn’t even have to look back to know that it was the bulge, now trying to force its way into my ass.

My ass was too tight, though. Instead, it merely pushed me forwards, off of his cannon. This time, he wasn’t pinning me down, so I figured that all was now good and well, and I’d avoid getting my ass stuffed. Then I noticed too things at once, which made me change my mind. Firstly, Forretress wasn’t about to let me get away. He was hovering forwards as well, pushing me even more. Secondly, the water’s edge was approaching fast. I’d taken a liking to the water lately, but I had no desire to get drowned at this point. If I didn’t do something, I’d be pushed into the water, and I would probably run out of air before Forretress gave up.

Faced with little alternative, I put my forepaws on the ground and pushed back. Hard. The pain that coursed through me seemed all the worse for the fact that I had more or less caused it myself. I could feel the doubled weight pull my abdomen down, while Forretress withdrew his cannon, sated. The thin layer of flesh, which separates my ass and my pussy, was stuck between a cannonball and a hard place – another cannonball to be exact. My asshole was spread open, and the metallic ball peeked out. The cool night air, which had seemed soothing before, now chilled the ball, bringing a painful feeling of coldness into my ass.

I didn’t dare to bathe in the lake that night, as had become my habit. I was afraid that the combined weight of the balls would draw me down.

The next time Beedrill came unto me, he merely looked at my blocked ass, and flew over to my head instead. He had never used my mouth before, but I figured that it couldn’t be worse than taking him up my ass. In a way, it was… the sheath he kept his cock inside secreted its own lubricant, as I had noticed earlier. It did its job, making his entry into my ass easy. Unfortunately, it tasted horribly. I gagged around his cock as he thrust it into my mouth, horrified by the vile taste. He didn’t seem to care, merely forcing it deeper into my throat, and hitting my lips with the spikes. At least the shape of my head insured that only a few of the spikes hit me…

I suspect that the contractions of my throat, caused by my gagging, helped bring him off quickly… it took even shorter than it usually did in my ass. True to logic, his sperm was even viler than his lubricant. It burned going down my throat, and I feared that it was actually acidic… which was stupid, of course, since I had sustained no damage from all the loads he had shot up my ass. I coughed for air as he pulled it out, and immediately ran to the lake to clean my mouth. I knew that it wouldn’t matter much, though… until the cannonballs in my pussy and ass came out, Beedrill would use my mouth instead. And I doubted that this turn of events would lessen his libido.

So it was… for two days, I was forced to endure the taste of his cock numerous times. And while he pumped my guts full of sperm, nothing came out through my blocked ass. My stomach swelled, and it soon got very painful. Then, almost exactly 48 hours after Forretress had placed the first ball in my pussy, it started to dissolve. This happened just as Beedrill was heading over to me for his fourth fuck that day. He noticed it immediately, and rolled me unto my back. He watched, expressionless, as the ball shriveled and popped out of my pussy. Forretress’ cum, which had been contained within me for the past two days, started leaking out slowly, from my wide-open pussy. Having been kept open for so long, it would take a while for it to compose itself, and Beedrill gave it no such time.

Leaping on top of me, he poised the tip of his abdomen right outside my cunt… that’s when I noticed that he hadn’t opened his spike yet, that he hadn’t unveiled his cock. I had not time to think about it, though. He pushed the sharp spike into my pussy, widening it as far as the ball had done, and then I felt it opening inside me, stretching the inside walls deep within my pussy. The cannonball had been big, but it hadn’t gone nearly this deep… or sharp. When he started moving deep within me, I shrieked in pain. The spikes that surrounded his cock now pierced the sensitive, unprotected flesh inside of me, and the pain was almost comparable to when he had hit my clit.

I could count my blessings on one paw… which is to say, the only bright point was his tendency to cum quickly. Five minutes later, I realized that I didn’t even have that to cling to… the spikes spread the tissue inside my pussy wide, which meant that it hardly even touched his cock. He got very little stimulation, and so was able to keep it up for almost fifteen infernally painful minutes. When he finally came, and pulled out of me, I actually cried with relief. As he left me lying there, I looked down and saw blood-mixed cum run slowly out of my pussy. The fact that I now had the cum of both Forretress and Beedrill inside me wasn’t something that I thought about. Exhausted, I then fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was getting dark, and I could feel the pressure in my ass, which had now been there for so long that I hardly noticed it, was disappearing. A few seconds later, the last ball popped out and I could finally empty my bowels into the toilet hole. I then took a bath to clean myself, although I had a feeling that I would never be completely clean again. After that, things slipped back into the old routine. Beedrill tormented my ass several times a day, while Forretress seemed contend to watch. He never showed any sign of sexual interest in me again… I thought that he had simply figured out that I was incompatible with him, and thus lost interest. I was wrong.

A short while later, maybe five days or so, I noticed that I was starting to put on some weight. This rather surprised me, since I didn’t really eat that much, and got “exercised” frequently. I continued growing at an amazing rate, and a few days later, it was clear what had happened – I had gotten pregnant! The hows and whys were mysteries to me, but the changes in my body were undeniable. My belly got bigger by the day, until it practically reached the ground. Needless to say, Beedrill could have cared less… he continued to use my ass, which were mainly unaffected, and I found that I was actually starting to find a perverse sort of pleasure in it. I could easily reason that away, though, to the way my hormones were affected by my pregnancy.

My pregnancy lasted all of two weeks. By then, the egg had reached its full size, and the mere thought that it should somehow come out of me seemed insane. But it did, naturally… when the time came, my body adjusted and released certain things into my bloodstream, which vastly increased the elasticity of my pussy. That is no to say it didn’t hurt – it actually hurt more than anything I had ever experienced, which is saying a lot – but at least I wasn’t torn to pieces. Several painful minutes after the contractions had started, I could proudly regard my new egg.

Through those weeks, I had made a theory to explain this unexpected pregnancy. While both Beedrill and Forretress were completely incompatible with me, they were compatible with each other. When I had held both of their seeds within me, they had joined into an egg, and used my womb to bear it. Crazy, I know, but it was the best I could come up with. Another crazy thing was, that even after the birth, even after my hormones had settled, I continued to enjoy Beedrill’s rape. I was actually looking forwards to each of our sessions.

“Hello there, young lady… I was wondering when you’d come for your pokémons.” The old lady said pleasantly. “Yeah, well, I figured enough time had passed… where’s your husband?” “Out in the yard… he’s found something, it seems.” Smiling, Crystal skipped out the door, and saw the old man standing there, with a multi-colored egg in his hand, and a puzzled expression on his face. “Eh? Oh, it’s you. I just found this egg… I don’t know where it came from, but your pokémon had it. Do you want it?” Crystal nodded eagerly, and put the egg in her backpack. As soon as it hatched, she would start training her new insect champion… almost as an afterthought, she also collected the two pokémon she had used in the breeding project, and put them back into Bill’s PC. There were other pokémon that needed a stay in the daycare center.

A long while later, when the egg hatched, Crystal looked through the newly hatched Pineco’s movelist and smiled. “Tackle, Protect… yay! Pin Missile, just like I expected. Huh? What the hey? The fourth move is… Baton Pass?!? Where did that come from?”

The End (of this episode…)


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