Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pokémon Breeding Center 3

Another Pokémon porn story from BlackDragon… ain’t ya happy? As for the contents… gang-bang, rape, humiliation, stretching, pain, pissing… the whole nine yards, so to say. So, without further ado...

Pokémon Breeding Center 3

Crystal grinned as she juggled the Water Stone. Finally, she’d found one more. Funny thing was, she’d almost forgotten about the Eevee she’d left in the daycare center… it wasn’t until she’d found the stone that she’d remembered why she’d been looking for it in the first place.

She took her Eevee out of the daycare center, assuring the elderly couple that ran the place that she was fully satisfied with their services, and paid them in full. She noticed that the little Eevee looked rather tired, but that was probably just due to the training she’d gone through to get stronger. Well, she’d certainly grown some. Smiling down at the cute-looking pokémon, she handed her the Water Stone. Eevee eagerly grasped it, and was instantly enveloped in a bright, white light. When the light dissipated, Eevee had evolved, into Vaporeon. Crystal giggled and clapped her hands eagerly. She had a full collection of Eevee types… Now, all she needed to do was to train her new Vaporeon a bit, and she was ready to enter the new ‘Eevees Only’ tournament. So, who should she bring along with Vaporeon for the training?

She browsed through the lists on the computer. She intended to start out her training in the forest, where there were lots of grass and bug pokémon – both of whom were weak to fire. So, Arcanine, Rapidash and Houndoom joined the team. However, she’d also need a normal type for dealing with any surprises that might pop up. Tauros should do. Okay, what else? Well, lots of poison types in the woods, too. Poison is weak to ground. So, maybe a ground type? Hmm, lesse… Rhydon? Nah, he doesn’t need training. Marowak? No, not either… ah, there it is! Donphan, hardly ever used him. He could go for some training, too.

As Crystal put together her team, the fact that all her pokémon – with the exception of Vaporeon – were male, didn’t really register to her. But why should it? The sex of the pokémon didn’t matter unless you were trying to breed them together, after all. Or so she thought.

A couple of days later… Crystal had gone to sleep in her tent, night had fallen. They were in the middle of the forest, miles from the nearest signs of civilization. Crystal slept like a log, after a hard day of training, and her pokémon also rested, within their pokéballs. Or so she thought. Vaporeon was the one who spent the most time in battle, the other five were mainly a support crew. So, while Vaporeon slept soundly within her pokéball, the other five were getting restless. Deep in Crystal’s backpack, they exchanged stories, about the Eevee who had now become Vaporeon. Finally, one of them acted. Houndoom, the smallest of the lot, broke out of his pokéball under his own power. The slight fizzle of the emerging pokémon didn’t even make Crystal stir. Nor did she wake when Houndoom carefully picked up her backpack with his teeth, and snuck out of the tent with it.

Then, he ran on swift but silent paws through the comforting darkness of the midnight forest, the backpack dangling from his jaws. When he came upon a clearing in the forest, he halted, and put down the backpack. One by one, he lifted the other five pokéballs out of the backpack, and placed them on the ground. His four compatriots emerged – Tauros, Donphan, Arcanine and Rapidash. The appearance of the last two lit up the clearing considerably. Now, only one pokéball lay on the ground. A grin spreading across his canine lips, Houndoom reached out and pushed the button on it, with one agile paw. A fizzle was heard, and the sleeping form of Vaporeon appeared before them. The five pokémon formed a tight circle around her, insuring that there was no escape. Then, Donphan reached out with his trunk, and tapped her on the shoulder.

I yawned and blinked my eyes in confusion, trying to figure out where I was. I’d just been having such a nice dream… damn if I can remember what it was about, but it was good. I’d really enjoyed the past couple of days, so I suppose it stands to reason that I’d have good dreams. After evolving, I’d felt my crushed sense of self-esteem being rebuild, and the rigorous training I’d gone through lately had further bolstered that feeling. I felt that I was actually worth something, a fighter, not just a rape-slut for big, powerful males to play with. However, when my eyes finally focused, I felt those old, crippling emotions wash over me again. My five fellows, all gathered around me. They didn’t say anything. They didn’t need to. I’d seen that attitude before, and my sensitive nose picked up the smell of their excitement. It was clear what they wanted.

My aforementioned self-esteem collapse completely. Three of them were fire type. One was ground type. All four of them were weak to water type, which is exactly what I am. Yet, I knew that I wouldn’t even try to fight – not that I’d have a chance, anyway. Elemental weakness or not, five-on-one odds are hard to beat. The only thing I really wondered about was which one of them went first. Houndoom, as it turned out. No idea why, he should be at the bottom of the pecking order, considering his size. Not that it mattered. He approached me, growling loudly. That, more than the unfamiliar surroundings, told me that we were a long way from Crystal’s tent. He showed off his fangs, and I felt the familiar, icy-cold fear envelop me. And then, like a good little slut, I turned around and lifted my tail, giving him free access to my cunt and ass.

With a howl, he jumped on my back, scratching me with the claws on his front legs. I no longer had fur to protect me, but it wouldn’t matter – even if crystal noticed the scratches in the morning, she’d just think they were the result of one of my battles. I felt something hot poke at my behind, searching around for a tight hole to bury itself in. It felt very hot indeed, but then again, I’d never screwed a fire type before. Finally, it found its mark – in my pussy, thank god, rather than my ass – although I had no doubt that all of my holes would be throughoutly reamed before the night was out. His cock was long and slim, rushing deep inside of me in a single stroke, breaking through my hymen with ease. Yes, you heard it right, my cherry. It was the first time I had sex in my new body… you DID know that a female pokémon’s cherry is restored when she evolves, didn’t you?

The pain was sharp and brief, and then he was past it, his pointy cockhead eagerly searching for my womb. He bottomed out before he could reach it, though – or so I though at first. I felt something big bump into my pussy-lips, and figured that he’d just run out of cock. I was wrong. I had never been fucked by a canine pokémon before, so how was I supposed to know about the knot? Well, I was educated fairly quickly there, as he started thrusting it against my cunt, harder and harder. The stimulation his long, hot dick generated deep inside my cunt was starting to excite me, and in spite of myself, I was starting to get wet. The insistent banging of his knot soon sprayed my pussy juice all over the large lump, lubricating it. Now, each of his thrusts pushed a little bit of the fist-sized ball inside of me. Finally, he got tired of the game, and changed his grip to hold me more securely. Then, he howled again, and thrust forwards with all his might.

I cried out in pain as my pussy lips stretched impossibly around the knot, and continued to sob as they closed again around the back of it. As soon as it was inside, I felt it grow bigger, until I knew for sure that it could not get out again. I was locked to him, until such time as he decided to release me. It reminded me somewhat of the cannonball trick that Foretress had used… Obviously, the idea was to hold in his sperm long enough for it to impregnate me. That probably meant that the swelling would go down a while after he’d cum. So, he would blast his load into my womb, and there was nothing either one of us could do to change it. Well, he wouldn’t have wanted to, anyway, and I was too submissive to even think about going up against his will. Still, the fact that I was locked to him, joined at the hips, added to my humiliation.

Suddenly, my vision was obscured as Rapidash stepped out in front of me. Larger by far than Houndoom, he literally stepped over the both of us, essentially mounting my head, placing his forelegs on either side of the rutting caning who filled my pussy. Thus, he also placed his pelvis right in front of my face, presenting his cock to me. Without a second though, I opened my mouth. At that point, I DID have second thoughts, however… I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take something that size into my mouth. It was only semi-erect, but nonetheless colossal, as long as an arm and almost as thick. Stretching my jaws wide, I leaned forwards and took the head into my mouth. It tasted rankly, of sweat and piss, but I kept sucking on it, hoping that he’d be satisfied with that. The head filled my mouth completely, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to take it down my throat.

It was hard to keep my mind on pleasing Rapidash, while Houndoom was going at my cunt with gusto. With his knot insuring that he wouldn’t slip out, he was now rabbit-fucking me, his rear end probably a blur, although I couldn’t really say – the only thing I could see was Rapidash’s crotch and the throbbing flesh-snake that emerged from it. The friction heat was building up in my pussy, despite the amble lubrication, as Houndoom fucked up a storm in the most literal of ways. My body was reacting strongly, as if the fact that I was not a willing participant hadn’t registered on it yet. My cunt was gushing, flooding with warm juices. My asshole opened and closed reflexively. My nibbles stiffened and stood out from my amble breasts. (Yes, I’ve got boobs now, and fairly large ones at that. Not very visible when I’m on all fours, though.) My temperature rose, and I felt my cheeks redden. Have you ever seen someone with blue skin blush? We get purple, you know… At least a bit purplish around the edges of the blushing area.

It was getting harder and harder to suck Rapidash’s cockhead… his shaft was hardening, proof that my stimulation was having some effect, but while the shaft became more and more rigid, Rapidash’s pelvis didn’t budge and inch. So far, his cock had been bent on the middle to go into my mouth, and as it hardened, I felt the cockhead push harder and harder against the back of my throat. With Houndoom practically driving me headfirst into the ground, there was no way I could move backwards. Quite a predicament, indeed. So, without any real alternative available to me, I tried to relax my throat, suppressing my gag reflex. I knew that his huge schlong would stretch my throat to the limit, but with my new body, it might not be entirely impossible. Tears started forming in my eyes as the huge cockhead began to force its way down my throat, and my vision darkened as my air supply was cut off. I concentrated on breathing through my nose, but even that was difficult.

Rapidash was finally starting to partake actively in the festivities… he humped forwards, not very far or very hard, but with all the weight he had to put behind it, it nonetheless pushed his cockhead all the way into my gullet. Eyes crossed, I stared at the fat cock that emerged from my mouth, and noted in particular how many inches of it was still outside. Hopefully, he didn’t intend to try and stuff all of it into me… if he did, his cockhead would be tickling me between my tits. From the wrong side.

As Rapidash began a slow, fucking motion, thrusting only a short distance every time, some of my concentration began to return to my backside. While my mouth and throat massaged Rapidash’s cock almost reflexively, I realized that while I had been preoccupied with him, Houndoom had screwed me non-stop. He was still going at it, banging my cunt with impossible speed, his knot as big as ever. With half my mind still busy dealing with Rapidash’s blowjob, I began deliberately stimulating Houndoom, squeezing his cock with my pussy. My cunt was on fire, from the heat of his dick, and the friction of the rapid-fire fuck. I had to get him off, so that he’d get out of me… before my pussy spontaneously combusted.

Meanwhile, Rapidash was forcing inch after inch of incredibly thick cock down my throat. It seemed that he was finally getting hot, and his thrusts were becoming more insistent. My jaws hurt, I was short on breath, and my throat was stretched past the point of discomfort. But he just kept stuffing more hot meat into my mouth. When he had two thirds of his cock inside, it became clear that he had used all the available space, and then some. By the feel of it, he had managed to push his way through my neck, actually putting his cockhead under my collarbone. An incredible feat, but I didn’t feel particularly impressed. I felt stuffed.

I winced as Houndoom’s claws scratched my back again. He was loosing his footing, probably because he, impossible as it might sound, had accelerated further. I could feel my labia bulge out from the pressure that his knot was putting on them, and I had no doubt about how lewd it would look. Thankfully, I didn’t have to see it. Finally, he howled loudly, buried himself as deep as he could go, and began squirting his seed deep into my womb. The sperm was scalding hot, it literally felt like it was boiling inside of me. But even as the burning sensation made me writhed in pain, cold chills washed over me. Houndoom, Arcanine, Rapidash, Tauros, Donphan… all of them were compatible with me. Either one of them could make me pregnant. I had gone through that once before, and I didn’t want to do it again… but what choice did I have? If it had only been a couple of them, I might have been able to avoid having them blow their wad in my pussy, but with all of them… well, all I could do was hope.

At that point, my body betrayed me. Despite the air deprivation, the scalding hot cum filling my womb, and the general humiliation of rape, the insistent grinding of Houndoom had brought me to a shattering orgasm. As I writhed beneath Rapidash and Houndoom, impaled on their two cocks like a roast on a spit, I heard the others laughing – well, Arcanine barked in laughter, Tauros snorted, and Donphan sounded his horn. Rapidash whinnied, but Houndoom was too busy cumming to do much more than huff and puff. Regardless, their obvious amusement only added to the degradation. So did my undeniable pleasure. It wasn’t just my body betraying me – my mind did as well. I started remembering how much I’d enjoyed being assfucked by Beedrill at the end of my previous ordeal, and my asshole began to itch unpleasantly. Yes, I was starting to enjoy being raped, not just in the physical sense, but also mentally.

I was still shaken by the orgasm when Rapidash came. I was completely unprepared for it, having expected him to last much longer, but he’d apparently been holding it back for a while. Before I knew it, the thick meatwhistle in my throat began to spasm, shooting huge wads of thick, hot cum directly into my belly. I couldn’t taste it, of course, but the slimy feeling deep inside my digestive system was enough to make me nauseous. And, yes, it was every bit as hot as Houndoom’s. It felt like I’d just drunk a whole jar of tabasco, and my stomach immediately tied itself in a knot. If it hadn’t been for my completely blocked throat, I’d probably have vomited.

Having cum, both Houndoom and Rapidash began to soften up… Houndoom’s knot shrank almost immediately, letting him pop it out of my aching cunt with ease. The dribbling sound that followed spoke volumes about the quantity of cum he’d pumped into me. However, Rapidash was another deal… his humongous cock softened only momentarily, before returning to its previous steel-rod hardness. He still pulled it out of my mouth, though, leaving me gasping for much-needed air. The tight quarters of my mouth had also ensured that my tongue ran down the length of the shaft, collecting quite a bit of cum on the way – not unpleasant, compared to the other types of cum I’d tasted.

With all of my holes momentarily vacated, I took advantage of the fleeting seconds to get my breath, and wonder what was next. Well, Rapidash obviously had a lot of status in the group, so since he was still hard, and Houndoom was still out for the count, he’d probably have me again, in another orifice. But who would replace him at my mouth? Naturally, my wondering was pointless – the questions were answered moments later. Rapidash trotted eagerly around me, taking Houndoom’s old position, while Arcanine stepped out of the circle to take his place at my head. Oh no, I thought, not another fire type – I was starting to overheat! But, of course, they couldn’t have cared less.

As the blunt head of Rapidash’s rod began to but against my backside, I suddenly realized that Rapidash was a lot higher than Houndoom, and he didn’t seem to have any intentions of kneeling. That would change the angle, and that again meant that… Pain radiated through me, starting from my ass, and rolling in waves through the rest of my body. I opened my mouth to scream, but Arcanine took advantage of it to jam his pointy canine cock past my lips, choking my scream in its birth. Rapidash had brutally thrust his oversized cock into my no-longer-virgin ass, stretching it to the limit, and by the feel of it, he only had the head inside. I knew he would not be satisfied with that.

Once again, I was being assaulted from both sides by huge cocks. Arcanine was pushing his cock down my throat with ease, which was no surprise since it had only recently been vacated by Rapidash’s huge rod. However, as he continued forcing his cockhead deeper into me, his knot – bigger, I think, than Houndoom’s – butted against my lips, asking for entry. Knowing that resistance was futile, I opened my jaws wider, stretching them as far as they would go. And then, with my teeth scraping over it, the knot entered my mouth, mashing my tongue against the bottom of my mouth, and lodging his cock deep down my gullet. Almost immediately, it inflated further, ensuring that it could not go out again, filling my entire oral cavity to the max. It was attached to my skull, immovable until he’d cum. Cum, right down my throat, to fill my already tortured stomach with another boiling hot load. The scary thing was that I was actually looking forwards to it.

While Arcanine was getting stuck, Rapidash was working hard to get unstuck. His size, combined with my supertight asshole, meant that his cockhead was completely locked in place, unable to go either way. However, he had a lot of muscle to put behind his rock hard rod, and my spittle was still covering it, providing an excellent lubricant. With an annoyed snort, he leaned forward, putting all of his 200 lb. of weight behind his cock, forcing it in. If it hadn’t been for Arcanine’s 350 lb. of weight standing firm in front of my head, I’d literally have been driven into the ground. Finally, my strained asshole gave way, and all at once, nearly a foot of hard cock rushed into my innards. A foot of unprepared, virgin intestine was spread to a width of nearly 3 inches in less than a second, sending flashes of pain to a brain already suffering from sensory overload.

Tears were streaming continuously from my eyes, now, and my entire body was covered with sweat. Saliva ran from the corners of my stretched-open mouth, and pussy juice dribbled from my cunt. A water-type, indeed! While Rapidash increased the pain in my ass by attempting a slow thrust, I was semi-consciously working Arcanine’s cock over with my throat, sucking hard, eager for his load. The fact that I was beginning to dehydrate added to my thirst, and at my present state of mind, that translated into a thirst for cum. Thus, it was with relish that I felt his cock begin to pulse in my mouth. Yet, when the first jet shot from the tip, deep inside of me, I instantly knew that something was wrong. It was too thin… coming out too fast, to constant – cum came in spurts and wads, not a continuous stream. Then, I realized what was happening. Arcanine wasn’t cumming, he was pissing – right down my throat!

With his knot lodged securely behind my teeth, the only way of removing his cock would be to remove my head along with it, and considering the way my throat was blocked by his cock, I couldn’t even throw up. I could do nothing but gurgle, whine, and take it. As the acrid piss filled it, my already upset stomach began to dance electric boogie inside of me – or maybe it was breakdance, I dunno. Well, at least I couldn’t taste it – not with the cockhead nearly half a foot behind my tastebuds – and it did give me some much-needed water. Fortunately, as a water-type, I had the ability to purify water. For most other types of pokémon – or a human, for that matter – drinking piss when thirsty could kill, due to the high concentrations of salt… well, I won’t get into the science of it, that’s not why you’re reading this, right?

Anyway, while I was fighting down the nausea, the pain in my butt was receding, as my asshole and the intestine behind it grew accustomed to the size of Rapidash’s equine cock. It didn’t go away entirely – probably never would – but it went from soul-tearing agony, to an uncomfortable throbbing. And at that level, the feeling of fullness that it created more than overmatched the pain. It is an indescribable feeling, having so much hot, throbbing living meat up your ass… once the pain goes away, it simply can’t be compared to ordinary, vaginal sex. Before I knew it, I was shaking in my first ever anal orgasm… well, the first for my new body, anyway. Beedrill had given me quite a few towards the end of our relationship, back when I was still an Eevee. But all of a sudden, that seemed like a long time ago.

While I came, my ass contracted madly around Rapidash’s cock, practically wringing it. He whinnied loudly, and then his cock began to pulse. The first jet of sperm that flooded my ass made me jump. It came out of him at an incredible velocity, probably mainly due to my ass squeezing him so hard, and as a result, I could actually feel the jet of cum hit the walls of my ass – it stung. Naturally, that feeling triggered another climax. The added lubrication also allowed him to penetrate even deeper into my ass, since his amazing cock somehow managed to retain its hardness after cumming for the second time.

Meanwhile, Arcanine had finished emptying his bladder, and had gone back to his main task of emptying his balls. Limited by his knot, locked behind my teeth, his thrusts were rather short, but the speed they came out with more than compensated for that. Eyes wide open, I could actually see what I had only imagined when Houndoom fucked me – his hindquarters were a blur, nothing more than a large, orange-red spot in the air, as he thrust in and out so fast that it seemed to defy the laws of inertia. I could hear him huffing above me, obviously winded, but he kept going. Feeling very horny after my double orgasm, I then started to actively participate for the first time. Well, consciously, at least. When I’d blown Rapidash, it had been more or less instinctive, a result of delirium and shock. But at this point, my mind was more or less clear, and I made a conscious choice when I started to move.

I twisted my ass around, pushing back to meet Rapidash’s thrusts and pulling forwards to increase their depth. The movement also increased the friction, causing him to whinny in pleasure. The knot in my mouth limited my possibilities with Arcanine, but at least I could contract my throat around his cock and – as Rapidash started sliding in and out with greater ease – lift one paw from the ground and use it to massage his fuzzy ball-sack. As my actions began to stimulate him towards a climax, I could hear his masculine growls get higher in the pitch, until it sounded more like what one might expect from a Growlithe.

With the help of my practiced throat and hand, he came soon after, shooting wad after wad into my throat. It annoyed me that I couldn’t taste it, since still was lodged deep in my throat, but at least the feeling of my stomach being filled with hot sperm gave me some pleasure. To my surprise, however, he didn’t just shoot three or four spurts like I was used to – he just kept cumming and cumming. My stomach, which had already been filled with Rapidash’s not inconsiderable cumload and a bladderfull of Arcanine piss, was just about stuffed, and didn’t readily accept this additional burden. The pressure forced some of the sperm back, despite my stuffed throat, until it reached my mouth. My eyes rolled heavenwards as my tongue was bathed in delicious canine cum. With my mouth held open by the huge knot, however, I had no way of holding it in – large amounts of it dribbled from the corners of my mouth, running down my face, over my shoulders, and onto my breasts, where it finally dripped from my nibbles to the ground. While I couldn’t see it, I could livingly imagine it – it would look like I was lactating. For some reason, the thought made my pussy wet, and I shuddered in need. I had to get something in my cunt, and soon.

Finally, after nearly ten minutes, Arcanine stopped cumming. Rapidash raped me mercilessly during it all, bringing me to two more orgasms, but my need for something to stuff in my cunt grew bigger and bigger. If my position hadn’t made it impossible, I’d be trying to paw-fuck myself. Anyway, at that point, it grew apparent that while Arcanine’s load was staggering, his staying power was less so. No sooner had the last precious drop fallen into my gullet, than his knot and cock started shrinking. After half a minute, he pulled it out of my mouth without much trouble, pausing only long enough to let me lick it clean before trotting off.

To my surprise, Rapidash also pulled back, even though his cock was still hard… looking over my shoulder, I saw that he was foaming at the mouth, and his eyes were glazed. Apparently, while his cock still was ready, the rest of his body wanted a break. I shrugged, and looked around in the circle to see who would come forwards next. My eyes widened, when I saw who was to be my next comer… Donphan, not the highest, not the heaviest, but by far the most massive. Considering how short his legs were, there was no way he’d be able to mount me, though. Fortunately, it didn’t look like he was about to try, either. My actions with Arcanine and Rapidash had not gone unnoticed by the others. He walked up to me, trumpeted once, and then rolled back on his back. Not an agile turn of phrase, but that’s exactly what he did. Once he was on his back, his cock was painfully obvious, sticking out from his lower belly like a sore thumb. It was, in fact, vaguely thumb-shaped.

Now, if we’re talking length, it was nothing. Rapidash was at least twice as long. But the girth… it seemed to be as wide around as Arcanine’s knot at the widest! There was no way I’d be able to fit it in my mouth, or my ass for that matter, but the way my pussy was drooling, maybe… well, I’d have to do it all on my own, obviously. Donphan wasn’t in any position to help, and none of the others had anything resembling hands. Well, my cunt was crying out for some filling, and I was in no position to argue… good thing I’m so agile. In two jumps, I was on top of him – the way you’re on top of a hill or a house – and could look at the fearsome dong up close. It looked like it was nearly as wide as my hips, and the idea that it should be able to go into my cunt seemed preposterous. Yet, I had to try…

I crawled on top of his cock, and rubbed my pussy lips along it. It had been drooling before, but as it touched that huge rod of flesh, is started running like a broken faucet. By rubbing my cunt all the way along the cock – paying particular attention to the head – I was able to cover it in my body’s natural lubrication. Then, I lifted it up from his belly, position it under my pussy… rubbed some more juice onto it… closed my eyes, set my jaw, relaxed my cunt, and crouched down. I came down with my entire weight, and as the shock of the initial stretching reached my mind, my knees buckled, adding further velocity to my descend. Finally, I came to a stop, kneeling on Donphan’s belly, with about half a foot of cock inside me, maybe a bit more. My breathing was labored, and my cunt felt like it had been torn open. Yet, as I felt Donphan’s pulse beat inside of me, as clearly as if I’d had my ear to his chest, it didn’t seem so bad. While it wasn’t that deep, the sheer quantity of hot, throbbing flesh stuffed into me was staggering.

Just when I was starting to wonder how I’d manage to actively fuck something that big, Donphan answered my unspoken prayers. With his amazingly long and subtle trunk, he reached forwards and wrapped it around my waist. Then, he lifted me slowly up off his cock. I looked down, mesmerized at the sight of the huge thing leaving my body, amazed that it had fit there. My pussy lips dragged along, clinging to it despite the copious amounts of lubrication. Finally, only his head was nestled inside my widely stretched pussy. Then, Donphan demonstrated that his trunk also held copious strength, by brutally smashing me down on his cock. The force was much greater than what I could have attained with my own body, and as my knees touched his armored hide, they were forced aside by the downwards force. I effectively went into a split on top of him, enabling another several inches of cock to enter me.

Before I could recover from the shock of the additional stretching, he lifted me up again, only to bring me down once more with bone-shaking force. I’d been fucked hard before, but this was something else. The hard impact, forcing nearly a foot of impossibly wide cock into my smarting cunt, and then the slow ascend, ending in another jackhammer thrust. The width of his cock generated so much friction that my clit was pulled into my cunt every time he thrust me down, and thus got the rubbing of a lifetime. I came twice in rapid succession, my cunt painfully attempting some contractions around the huge cock, but failing to produce more than some slight vibrations, which Donphan probably didn’t even feel. With that kind of stretching, the cunt control I customarily enjoyed also went out the window. In other words, there was nothing I could do to increase the pleasure Donphan derived from the wild ride, or speed up his climax. All I could do was to be a nice, tight cum receptacle.

Then, something cold and wet nudged at my ass. Donphan paused in the middle of raising me, holding me still so that this new addition to the party could make up his mind. I turned my head and found that Arcanine had apparently gotten his second wind. While I couldn’t see his cock from my high position, his interest in my ass left no doubt that it was rock hard. Also, being the highest of the bunch, he’d be able to mount me even while I was on top of Donphan. But wait a minute! There was no way he’d be able to fit in my ass, even if he left the knot outside… my entire abdomen was stuffed with Donphan’s cock, there was no room for one more.

That apparently hadn’t registered on Arcanine, though. With one jump, he planted his front paws on Donphan’s chest, right in front of me, and by stretching his hind legs, he brought his cock up to level. While I feared that I’d be torn open should he actually attempt to penetrate my ass in this situation, I knew better than to speak out. I was their slave, and slaves didn’t have a say in the action. So, when his pointy cockhead found my sphincter, I just bit my teeth together and leaned forwards to give him a better entry. Despite having been stretched widely by Rapidash a short while earlier, the pressure from my cunt ensured that my ass was as tight as a virgin. From the way he growled, I gather he enjoyed it… as it turned out, it wasn’t really all that bad. For an animal his size, his cock wasn’t big – more like medium-sized. I suppose it is about the same size as that of a fairly well-equipped human.

With the tight quarters offered by my ass, Arcanine really had to push hard to get it inside. Donphan still had his trunk around my midsection, but now he had changed the direction of his pulls. I was lying along his chest, being pulled off and pushed onto his cock, while the rutting Arcanine synchronized his thrust to fit my movements. Every time Donphan pushed me down on his cock, Arcanine thrust his hindquarters forwards, effectively penetrating my tight ass with the gathered power of two very strong and horny pokémons. Every thrust brought him deeper, until at last his knot hit my sphincter, and I had his full length inside of me. The double stimulation was driving me crazy, waves of pleasure washing away the pain of my two stretched orifices, while the orgasms came like pearls on a string.

The next time I sensed anything but blinding pleasure was when I realized that Arcanine was thrusting harder and harder, really banging my buns at every shove. I also realized that every time his knot made contact with my sphincter, it opened a little bit. His purpose was as obvious as it was frightening. At his current state of arousal, his knot was about the size of a small orange. It was not entirely improbable that he’d be able to push it in, although it would hurt like hell… the real problem was that, judging from earlier experience, once he got it in, it would swell to the size of a grapefruit. Or maybe even a small melon. Either way, with Donphan’s titanic rod still hammering my pussy, it would fill my lower body to the breaking point!

Frightened, I fought back for the first time that evening. Bracing myself against Donphan’s belly, I squeezed my asshole shut, keeping his knot outside, while at the same time providing increased friction for his cock. I was hoping that the increased tightness would pleasure him enough so that he wouldn’t notice his knot being kept out. No such luck, though. Almost instantly, I felt a huge pair of jaws close around my neck, squeezing gently, just enough for the large fangs to break my skin. I immediately relaxed my sphincter completely, and the jaws loosened. Having played my only card, and failed, all I could do was lower my head and accept the fact that they were going to push my abdomen as far as it would go. And maybe further.

Sure enough, after another couple of thrusts, he drove it all the way home. With the knot inside as well, his cockhead was almost as deep within me as Rapidash had been. And then, I felt it growing… and growing… I could feel my buttocks being pushed apart as the bulge within were enlarged, and it also felt like my butthole was bulging outwards from the pressure. Donphan’s cock was also being subjected to a massive increase in friction… and from the way it throbbed within me, I gathered that he was enjoying it. Either way, Arcanine’s knot was now effectively stuck inside me… it literally couldn’t move a millimeter. But, like a stick moving through a ball, he could still thrust his cock into my burning asshole with impossible frequency.

With Donphan’s oversized rod grinding slowly in and out of my overstuffed cunt, and Arcanine attacking my ass with blurry speed, I came despite the burning pain in my stretched abdomen. And then I came again. And again. Actually, I came pretty much non-stop for the following twenty minutes. At that point, Arcanine suddenly howled and buried his cock as deeply as it would go, as he blew his wad for the second time. His cum was every bit as hot as it had been the first time, burning its way up inside my already overheated body. As soon as he had cum, both knot and cock started shriveling, and I felt pretty certain that he wouldn’t get it up again that night. I could also hear him trying to catch his breath as he stumbled off me. He had better be praying that Crystal didn’t pull him out for a battle tomorrow, or he’d get whooped for sure…

Donphan was still going strong, though… but he was also fucking me very slowly, so that was no wonder. Still, a large part of the reason was probable that my cunt was so tight compared to his incredibly wide cock, that the friction prevented him from moving any faster. Anyway, after Arcanine left, he speeded up some, and I more or less expected that he’d get me to himself until he finally came. That wasn’t the case, though. Soon after, my sharp ears caught the sound of Rapidash’s hooves clip-clopping across the clearing… apparently, he was coming back for round three. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see that his cock was rock hard and sticking out under his belly like an iron pole. There was a good chance that it had been that way since he pulled it out of my ass half an hour earlier… impressive virility.

Well, he wouldn’t have any trouble getting in… after Arcanine had left, my asshole hadn’t been able to work up the energy to try and close again, so it was simply standing wide open, dripping canine cum on Donphan’s balls. I was wondering how Rapidash would get up to it, though, since he was almost a foot lower than Arcanine. He solved that, problem, with surprising agility – he simply jumped up and placed his hind legs on top of Donphan’s, while planting his front legs securely on his chest. Rapidash’s weight didn’t seem to bother the massive Donphan, either. Thus positioned, his long, hard, hot cock lay along my back, sending shivers down my spine towards my aching asshole. Despite the painful experiences I’d already had, I eagerly leaned forwards while he moved his hindquarters backwards… somehow, my ass just didn’t feel right when there wasn’t something big and hot inside of it.

Impressively enough, he managed to maintain his balance while at the same time moving far enough back for his cockhead to slide down my ass-crack, finally coming to a rest in front of the cavernous entrance to my widely-stretched shithole. He then moved forwards gently, just enough for his cock to touch my sphincter… and thrust all the way forwards in a single, swift movement. 1½ foot of cock was thrust into me, sliding like a well-oiled machine into my eager body. It hardly even hurt at all, and it didn’t feel like he had encountered any serious resistance. Apparently, Arcanine’s melon-sized knot had successfully transformed my asshole into a perfect cock-receptacle. With his thrust thus eased, Rapidash wasted no time to start working his cock in and out of my ass, with much greater speed and depth than he had managed the first time. He was practically pulling his entire 1½ foot cock out of me at every thrust, only to smash it in until his balls slapped against Donphan’s plundering rod.

With most of the pain disappearing from my system, I could simply relax and enjoy the incredible feelings of pleasure that was provided to me by this incredible double-fuck. Sandwiched between a 1½ foot long, three inches thick equine cock, and a 1 foot long, ten inches thick elephantine dick, my orgasms weren’t merely coming like pearls on a string – they were piling on top of each other! Unfortunately, Rapidash didn’t last very long… guess the cum had been boiling in his balls ever since our last assfuck was broken off. After about 10 heavenly minutes, he leaned all the way inside of me, and started emptying his balls. Spurt after spurt of hot cum sprayed into me, radiating the fiery heat that I was quickly growing accustomed to. The jets of cum that spurted from his cockhead were so powerful, that I could practically feel them being pushed backwards through my digestive system, back to my stomach. That was, of course, impossible, but I somehow liked the thought.

Strangely enough, he didn’t jump off again when he finally stopped cumming. He stayed there for a minute, leaning heavily into me, his cock still hard like steel, his breath labored. For a moment, I thought he might actually have the steam for another ride, but I was soon proven wrong. My eyes flew open when I felt something sting my insides – like a powerful jet of water. Earlier, I might have remained oblivious to the meaning of that sensation for a bit longer, but now I recognized it – Rapidash was following Arcanine’s example from earlier, and emptying his bladder inside my ass. I had been reduced below cum-slut, and was now merely a toilet for these fiendish rapists. However, as a sensation of warmth spread throughout my nether regions, I found myself actually enjoying the feeling. It was humiliating and disgusting, but just like the thought of Rapidash’s cum being forced into my belly had exited me, so did this. When Donphan suddenly redoubled the pace of his otherwise leisurely fuck, I just couldn’t help myself – I came, while Rapidash pissed inside my ass.

Since Rapidash had a somewhat longer cock than Arcanine, his cockhead was lodged in an area that had not been stretched by that canine cock, and thus retained some of its old tightness. That was probably the explanation why the torrents of hot piss that filled my bowels didn’t simply run back along his cockshaft to flow out of my lax asshole. Instead, it stayed, mixing with the loads of cum already deposited there. Rapidash had a very big bladder, and it had apparently been hard as a rock. Despite the disgusting feelings of pleasure I was deriving from it, the gradual inflation of my intestine was starting to make me feel ill. But when the flow finally slowed down to a dribble, I bowed my head and concentrated on gathering what control I had left over my tortured anal musculature. As he pulled his huge, cum-and-piss-dripping cock out of me, I clenched my ass behind it, closing it off and keeping both cum-load and piss inside of me. Somehow, despite the occasional jarring pain in my abdomen, the feeling of being filled with hot lovejuices was one I wasn’t prepared to give up.

As soon as Rapidash had jumped off with every bit as much grace as he had displayed when mounting me, Donphan started moving even faster. Apparently, my cunt muscles were growing accustomed to his girth – or maybe they were simply giving up. Either way, as my pussy grew looser, he speeded up more and more. I doubted that he would have been able to reach such a speed if he had been fucking me in a more conventional position, but since he now wasn’t moving his own, huge weight, but my miniscule body, he was able to create a pace to rival Rapidash – not quite Arcanine, though. And then, finally, after he’d been fucking me non-stop for damn near an hour, he started cumming. When that happened, he immediately stopped moving me up and down with his trunk, and instead simply pushed me down on his cock with all his force. The reason soon became apparent. His wad was blow out of his cock with incredible pressure, blasting painfully into my womb. If he hadn’t been holding me down, the first few spurts would have lifted me clear off his cock – seriously!

As it was, my womb was taking the brunt of the punch. Despite the relaxation that had allowed Donphan to speed up, my cunt was still tight as a glove around his huge cock, preventing even the tiniest amount of cum from escaping my uterus. Jet after jet of high-pressure cum filled it, and the force was fully in proportion to the amount. The first two spurts filled me up completely, and the next one started stretching me. The feeling wasn’t unknown to me, having carried an egg in my previous body, but at that time my womb had been stretched over a period of months, not minutes. Now, as Donphan continued to force more and more cum into my straining womb, my stomach began to distend visibly. With my intestines and stomach already filled to overflowing, my womb had only one way to expand – outwards. With the pressures building inside my body, I was finding it more and more difficult to keep my asshole shut, however…

Somebody had been reading my mind. As Donphan continued to cum, I felt somebody pushing something round, cold and hard against my sphincter. Probably a stone. Gratefully, I relaxed my asshole enough for it to be pushed inside, effectively corking my ass. The coldness of the stone also made my sphincter contract involuntarily, ensuring that it would not easily pop out. So, able to relax my ass, I concentrated fully on the pain-mixed pleasure of my womb being stretched. Donphan came for a total of nearly ten minutes, just as long as Arcanine had, and spurting a lot more cum in the process. As he finished, my otherwise flat stomach looked like I was carrying an egg again. Then, he slowly lifted me off of his cock, and sure enough, someone was standing ready with a new, larger stone to stuff into my cunt as soon as Donphan’s rod left it. My pussy closed hungrily around it, locking the huge cum-load inside of me. Donphan then proceeded to put me down on the ground, roll over again, and walk back to the edge of the clearing.

As I was left alone, then, for a short while. I felt lightheaded, confused, almost dreamy. The sensations radiating from my ass, belly, intestines, pussy and womb were flooding my mind. The added weight of cum, piss and stones made it hard for me to even stand on all fours, and even when I did, my huge belly almost touched the ground. My mind screamed out for more stimulation, and with a moan I rolled over on my back and started frigging my clit rapidly with one paw, while pinching and pulling my nibbles with the other. I pulled my tits up to my face, and started biting and sucking at the small, hard nub, enjoying the painful sensation. The pain that radiated through me as my clit-play brought me to a climax, and my pussy and ass contracted around the unyielding rocks, only brought me to an increased state of excitement.

That’s when he stepped forth – Tauros, the last one. He hadn’t participated so far, simply watching from the shadows. Now, he came out in the clearing, 195 lbs. of hard muscle, standing 4 feet 7 inches tall at the shoulders. His three tails waved lazily behind him as he walked towards me, glowing with self confidence. It was clear why. Under his belly swung not one, not two, but three huge, thick, cocks. I remembered Machamp, one of my first ‘lovers’, who had been gifted with two cocks, neither one nearly as large as these. My mouth watered, and with my cum-filled belly shaking at every step, I ambled across the clearing to where Tauros stood stoically. He hardly even looked at me as I threw myself in between his legs and attacked his luscious cocks with my mouth and tongue. Each of the cocks was as long as Rapidash’s, and an inch thicker. They had a delicious, deep brown color that just made my saliva run.

Straining my jaws, I managed to open my mouth enough to take one of his cockheads inside, while jacking off the other two with my paws. Using the experience I had gained from deep-throating Rapidash, I lowered my head to provide a good entry angle, and started pushing my head forwards. Being considerably thicker than Rapidash’s, it wasn’t easy, but as I applied more and more force, his cockhead finally slipped past my tonsils, and into my throat. My jaws were already hurting, but I ignored them as I proceeded to gobble up more and more of his huge, beautiful cock. My throat was strained too, and I could actually feel the skin on my neck stretch to accommodate the huge intrusion. I didn’t care, though, and merely kept my eyes locked on my final objective: His balls. They seemed impossibly large, like coconuts, hanging down at the root of his cocks. The ball-sac was a bit too big for them, though, meaning that they were actually swinging a few inches below. The thought of those balls beating a rapid rhythm on my ass as he fucked me was making my head swim.

Dark spots were forming in my vision from the shortage of air caused by the huge cock in my throat… it was so big that it was squeezing my windpipe partially shut, limiting my air supply. I concentrated on controlling my breathing, while continuing to eat my way up his shaft. Finally, with a foot of thick, hot cock in my gullet, I was able to reach forth with my paws and shakingly touch those huge, cum-fill balls. Gently massaging them, I continued to force my head forwards and upwards, until my forehead touched his crotch, and I couldn’t go any further. Hard cocks enclosed my head on both sides, my nose was buried in his crotch hair, and my paws were busily squeezing his balls. Every bit of air I breathed was saturated with the smell of his sexual musk, while my taste buds were assailed by the salty taste of cock-sweat. My mind was empty, save for one thought: I wanted them inside of me. All of them.

Almost as if he’d read my mind, he started backing up. I remained steady, gurgling happily as inch after inch of cock passed through my mouth again, my tongue dancing constantly, to taste as much of it as possible. My eyes were wide open, and I stared in bemusement as his dick emerged from my mouth. That I had swallowed that much cockmeat seemed inconceivable, but it was undeniably true. As soon as his bright-red cockhead popped out of my mouth, I turned around on the spot, and bend all the way down, pushing my breasts and distended belly against the ground, while lifting my ass high into the air. My legs were shaking with exhaustion, mainly due to the weight of the stones lodged in either one of my holes. Mewling in a voice raw from extended cocksucking, I begged the others to remove the stones so that Tauros could put those amazing cocks inside of me. I don’t know if any of them understood me, but my prayer was heard. Moving up behind me, Donphan stuck his flexible trunk out and somehow succeeded in getting a good grip on the rock in my ass... probably due to suction, but I’m no expert on trunks, so whatever. The important thing was that he pulled it out, while I hurriedly squeezed my ass shut behind it.

He then repeated the procedure on the somewhat larger rock in my pussy, but this time I found it difficult to keep all the sperm inside – there was a lot of pressure in my womb, and bit by bit, it was leaking out of my crack. I cried out for Tauros to cork it with his mighty shafts, and so he did. I don’t know how he controlled his cocks so finely, but I could suddenly feel blunt cockheads bouncing against both my pussy and ass. I eagerly relaxed both holes, and screamed in pleasure as his rampaging cocks thundered into both of my orifices at once. The sensation in my pussy, in particular, made me gasp. Stretched from my extended ride on Donphan, it had eagerly accepted two of his cocks inside, and now sperm was beginning to run out along the cracks left open between my tautly-stretched hole and the two rock-hard rods. While I regretted loosing any of the hot cum stored within me, the sensation of it dribbling out of my cunt and running down over my big belly was making me shake with pleasure.

My asshole was only receiving one cock, but that was enough to cause some trouble, since it was the widest cock my sphincter had ever had to accommodate. Arcanine’s swollen knot had been bigger, true, but it had always been deflated when passing through the hole itself. So, while the flesh inside my ass was fully prepared to receive Tauros’ rod, the asshole itself was straining. Having been pulled to the breaking point several times already, the skin finally gave way, and a sharp spike of pain rushed through me as my asshole cracked. It wasn’t a terribly big crack, but it increased the circumference of my asshole by those extra few millimeters that were necessary to accept Tauros’ cock. I cried out in pain as his veiny shaft moved over the raw flesh, yet shivered in pleasure at the sensations it was awakening deep inside me.

Even when I had been sandwiched by Donphan and Rapidash, I hadn’t been this full. The pain from my cracked ass was soon drowned out by the floor of pleasure that stream from my pussy and ass. He was still thrusting slowly, forging a path into my orifices, widening them as he went along. I had to push back against him with all my strength to avoid being pushed along the ground... which annoyed me enormously, since it meant that I didn’t have any paws available to pleasure my remaining erogenous zones. I took some pleasure in grinding my tits along the rough ground, but the fact that my pussy was being filled with two equally-sized cocks side-by-side meant that my clit wasn’t touching either, and that was driving me crazy.

Finally, with one hard push, he hit the bottom. Just like I had dreamt it, his ball-sac swung forwards from the impact, and hit my straining clit, sending me into an instant, nerve-wracking orgasm. Then, as he started pulling back, I found that I was able to lift myself off the ground, and still maintain stability. With Donphan’s cum draining slowly out of my cunt, there was lubrication aplenty there, and the crack in my ass insured that he had easy going there as well. He pulled all three cocks almost all the way out of me, without dragging me backwards at all. Then, when he drove them into me again with thunderous force, I was able to maintain my balance with both hands on the ground.

Then, he started speeding up, snorting like the bull he was. Even Rapidash hadn’t given me such a dynamic ride, not nearly! He was moving like a machine, smashing forwards with maximum force and speed, then pulling back as soon as he’d bottomed out. No pause, no wait, no respite. He was fucking me hard and fast, his ball-sac swinging wildly, yet he slid so easily in and out that I could stay put on all fours. Unfortunately, I still needed to have both paws on the ground as he thrust in, or I’d be driven face-first into the dirt. So, there still wasn’t a free paw... just then, I realized that the other four pokémon had assembled around me. Houndoom was standing in front of me, Arcanine and Rapidash was on either side, and Donphan still stood behind me from when he’d removed the stones.

Kneeling down, Rapidash and Arcanine reached forwards with their heads and each gripped one of my nibbles with their mouth. Fiery sensations coursed through me as they bit, chewed, nibbled and sucked on them. Donphan once again demonstrated the flexibility of his trunk by sticking it in between my legs, under Tauros’ plundering cocks, to gently stimulate my clit. So when Houndoom put his face forwards, with his lips slightly parted, I didn’t hesitate to do the same. Out mouths met in a hot, french kiss, our tongues intertwining. His long, canine tongue ran all over the inside of my mouth, sending hot flashes into my mind, while my much smaller one only played over his sharp fangs. Stimulated and caressed in every place at once, surrounded by hot bodies, there was no question in my mind: I truly enjoyed this.

So, when Houndoom pulled his face back and instead turned around and rolled over, I didn’t hesitate to lower my face unto his cock. When he’d first taken my virginity, it had seemed very big indeed, but now that I’d had a taste of his comrades, I realized that he was the smallest of the bunch. Still, that gave me a chance to actually suck his cock, rather than just taking it down my throat like I’d done with the others. While my nibbles were being chewed, my clit massaged, and both pussy and ass was raped with incredible force, I sucked his cock hotly into my mouth, running my lips along the shaft, and dancing a tango on his pointed cockhead with my tongue. I bobbed my head over his prick while massaging his knot and balls with one paw – with Tauros sliding easier and easier in and out, I only needed a single paw for support – keeping my eyes open all the time to stare lustily up at his grinning face.

Finally, he came in my mouth, giving me a chance to actually taste cum for the first time that night. The texture was rich and creamy, the taste both bitter and salty at once. I felt that I could drink gallons of it, and still thirst for more. I swallowed every drop, ignoring the churning of my already filled stomach, and kept licking and sucking, hoping for more. As his cock wilted in my mouth, I gave up and turned my attention lower. Not really knowing what I was doing, yet dimly remembering having heard something about a ‘rimjob’, I lowered my face to his puckered little asshole, and started licking around the rim of it. I felt him stiffen up, but ignored it and kept pushing my tongue against the hole, enjoying the rich, musky taste I was picking up. Finally, he relaxed a bit, allowing my stiff tongue to enter him, and lick the ass-mucus from the first inch of his anal tract. It wasn’t shit, or anything like that, but simply the natural covering of the intestine. It had a rich, manly taste which made my head swim.

Having finished cleaning out his ass, and seeing that his cock wasn’t about to make a miraculous recovery, I pulled my head back and concentrated instead on the sensations streaming into my brain from the rest of my body. I started moving my hips, pushing back against Tauros’ thrusts, to increase their force and depth. I also eagerly pushed my tits harder into the hot mouths of Rapidash and Arcanine, signaling that they could go at them harder, if they wanted to. They did. While Rapidash gnashed at the sensitive nubs with his square, powerful teeth, Arcanine buried his sharp canines in them, probably drawing blood by the feel of it. I had reached the point, however, where pain automatically translated into pleasure in my mind, and thus the agonizing torture of my nibbles only heightened my pleasure.

When Tauros came, it all came to a head. My nibbles encased in hot mouths, my clit constantly stimulated, the taste of sperm fresh on my lips, and the smell of sex thick in the air, it all came together when the three thick cocks started spurting inside of me. They came in torrents, just like Donphan had, but with the loosened conditions of my orifices, it didn’t stay in. As he blew his wad, cum spurted back out of my holes, covering his balls and my thighs and buns. I didn’t really notice that, though, since I was experiencing the mother of all orgasms. My mind was on fire, my senses blacked out, the blood rushing in my ears. Every part of my body seemed to vibrate with pleasure as I screamed through a throat raw from cock-sucking. Then, everything became black. I actually passed out from the force of the orgasm.

When I came to, I was inside my pokéball, riding in Crystal’s backpack. My entire body hurt, especially my pussy, throat and asshole, but we pokémon heal fast... still, I was hoping that Crystal soon would take us to a pokécenter. I’d need to be on the top for the next night with the gang. I’d be easier, now that I was stretched, and with that crack in my asshole, I’d be able to take even Donphan up the ass. I could hardly wait...

Crystal swore as the Beedrill disappeared into the forest. That was the third pokémon to get away free! It seemed as if none of her pokémon had any fighting power left in them, but why? They had seemed energetic enough the day before... well, whatever the reason, she’d better head for the nearest pokécenter. If she wasted any more time, she might not be able to get Vaporeon up to spec in time for the tournament… it would be interesting, though, to see how Vaporeon would perform with her older and more powerful relatives. She’d noticed that Jolteon, who had fathered both Vaporeon and her two brothers, Espeon and Umbreon, had acted rather dominating at late. Hopefully, he’d have no problem accepting his daughter back into the fold…

The End

Possibly to be continued… then again, maybe not.


Thomas M said...
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A Fan said...

Posting it here as well since it's higher up the line, Love this little 'series' and hope that you post more someday

pyro said...

dam that was amazing it must have took you at least a month to type all that and 2 to think of it anyway its amazing keep going

Seth Campbell said...

a wonderful piece of literature, but I have the exact same pokemon in my game.............. oh well, off to train my vaporeon :D

georg gde said...

I hope there is coming a new part.

mark martin said...

cant wait for another one maybe there will be some incest in it with vaporeon and her brothers hopefully

Starr Hoshi said...

You are a sick motherfucker. I normally love bondage and stuff, but I couldn't get off to any of these stories and they made me feel incredibly horrible and sorry for the Eevee/Vaporeon. I can't believe you, like so many others, promote rape as a subject of arousal. ... I've been raped. It was awful. It made me hate myself and everyone around me and turned me paranoid for the longest of times. It's simply not right.

Now I understand the fantasies can be arousing... but never is rape something you convey to be something a female will get used to and enjoy after she is abused enough. Because in normally functioning people--a lot of rape victims--will not mentally enjoy it at all. Physically? Maybe... it depends on the body's response...

You are a good author, don't get me wrong. You have great detail... and good characterization. But I don't think it's right to promote the misconception a female will just become your bitch after enough fucking. You break her spirit. You don't break her desire to be away from it.

Daemon Morrison said...

Wow. I'm impressed what about adding Fennekin and Totodile To your next Story. please make another story

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