Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pokémon Breeding Center

This is my first attempt on pokémon porn… it contains nonconsensual sex and some strangely-shaped dicks, but nothing really perverted. One thing, though… according to the official Pokédex, Eevee is hardly bigger than a house cat! I was not aware of that when I started to write this story, so let’s just say that the Eevee star of the show is about the size it is shown in the cartoons – which is to say, about the size of a medium-sized dog. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story.

Pokémon Breeding Center

Crystal was just biking towards Goldenrod, when she noticed a sign hanging outside the Pokémon daycare. It read: “Our business has evolved. We now got enough space to keep 3 Pokémons at the time.” Crystal went through her mental catalogue of Pokémon. Was there any that could need some time there? Then she smiled and went in.

“Why, hello my dear.” Said the old lady who ran the place. “Du you want us to take care of some of your Pokémons?” Crystal nodded and handed her two pokéballs she had been carrying. “Yeah. There’s my lvl. 65 Rhydon, it has gotten kind of arrogant and aggressive lately. Same thing with my lvl. 55 Machamp. They’ve been that way ever since I used them to beat the Elite Four, and I think they could use some peace and quiet, to calm them down.” “That’s fine, dearie… we’ll take good care of them. Do you have someone for the third slot?” Crystal nodded, and went over to the computer in the corner. A few minutes later, she returned with a pokéball. “Here’s a lvl. 5 Eevee… I’m thinking about turning her into a Vaporeon later, but I don’t have any Water Stones. So, maybe she could gain a few levels here, just until I find one.” The old lady nodded. “Certainly. There’s plenty of room in the pen outside. They’ll have fun. Just come back whenever you want them back.” Crystal smiled, nodded, and left.

I looked around curiously when I was released outside. The pen was secure, with high walls preventing escape, while allowing us to watch the people pass by outside. I could sense that many of the bypassers were pokémon trainers, so there would probably be an occasional fight. It was nice to be outside again… I had spend a long time in my pokéball by then, sitting in the storage system, waiting… actually, that was what most of my young life had been spend doing. My first memory was of emerging from an egg, carried by Crystal, my owner. Immediately after, I was put in a pokéball, so I barely had the time to get a good look at the world. She never used me in a fight, but the other five pokémon she was carrying told me bit about the world. I learned that the egg I had emerged from came from this place – the daycare center. That my mother was a Flareon, my father was a Jolteon, and that I had two brothers: Espeon and Umbreon. I would one day become a Vaporeon, and the family would be complete.

The two I would be sharing this yard with were both much bigger and much older than I. They were also both male, though the importance of that fact had not yet registered to me. Neither of them seemed to be capable of relaxing. Machamp was furiously attacking the air, launching swift series of jabs with his lower set of arms, while blocking unseen blows with the upper pair. Rhydon was drilling holes in the air with his rotating horn, the ground shaking slightly every time he set his foot down. I, on the other hand, was perfectly content doing nothing, just enjoying the fresh air and sunlight.

A few days later, both of the guys had calmed down some… well, actually, they had just gotten tired of fighting the thin air. It got increasingly obvious that the inactivity was getting to them, but I didn’t care. Communication between us had been on a bare minimum, since they obviously considered themselves to be much better than me. And who were I to argue? Although I had spend some time out of my egg, I had seen nothing of the world, never fought a battle, and I was still only lvl. 5. They hardly noticed me. Until… it was the evening of our third day together. I was thirsty, and went to the pond to get something to drink. I bent forward and lapped up some water, but felt strangely like being watched. I quickly got up, and turned around. A ways behind me, Machamp was sitting starring at me with an expressionless face. Then I noticed a large bulge in his tight shorts. I felt my skin redden under my fur… when I had bent forward, my young slit had been revealed to him, obviously exiting him. I would have to be more careful in the future.

However… I never got a chance to put that plan into motion. That night, I woke up feeling that somebody was near. I jumped to my feet, seeing Machamp standing in front of me. It was a full moon, so I could clearly see that he wasn’t wearing his shorts. What I saw shocked me… he had two pricks, one over the other! I started backing away, but he simply reached out with one of his hands, and took me by the scruff of my neck. I yelped, telling him to release me, but he ignored me as he pulled me in closer. He then put another hand behind my head, and grasped his upper cock with a third. His intentions were clear, and my struggles were in vain. His strength was incredible, pushing against his hand was like pushing against a mountain.

When he pushed the cock into my face, I naturally closed my mouth… but that didn’t deter him in the least. Instead, he just tightened his grip around my neck ever-so-slightly, causing me to yelp in pain. Then he thrust his dick into my open mouth. I followed my instinct, and bit down on the huge thing as hard as I could, receiving a lightning-fast blow to the head as reward. It was obvious that he had used only a fraction of his strength, but it nonetheless made my ears ring. Cowed, I did not try to bite him again. With one hand behind my head, he then started face-fucking me, as I stood passive. His lower cock jabbed unpleasantly at my throat, and his cock tasted a lot like sweat, but I figured I could survive if that was all he wanted. Of course it wasn’t. “Machaaamp.” He said coarsely. That was a pretty clear message. He was not satisfied by me merely allowing him to use my mouth as a fuck-hole, he wanted me to partake actively. Hesitatingly, fearing another blow if I did not comply, I started sucking gently, and running my tongue along the part of his cock that was in my mouth at the time. A grunted command from him soon got me sucking harder, and tonguing faster.

Just when I was getting the hang of it, he decided to take it one step further. His strokes got deeper, penetrating into my throat. It got difficult to breathe, as I started choking on him. Then, without warning, he thrust further forwards than ever before. His dreadful strength drove his cock past my tonsils, and all the way into my virgin throat. My gag reflex went nuts, nearly choking me, but causing him immense pleasure as my throat contracted around his prick. Just as I managed to get my gagging under control, and started breathing through my nose, I felt his cock pulse as he held it deep inside me. I also felt something hot running through my throat, and realized that he was cumming directly into my throat, forcing his slimy wad into my stomach, giving me no chance to spit it out. On the other hand, it also meant that I wouldn’t have to taste it… a small blessing. He kept cumming for two minutes, dropping enough into me to make me feel like I had over-eaten. I was happy when he pulled it out, thinking my ordeal to be over. Ah, the naivete…

Grasping me around the middle with two hands, he simply lifted me from the ground, and turned me 180 before putting me down. Realizing what he intended, I lowered my bushy tail, covering my genitals. A blowjob was one thing, but actual sex… naturally, he didn’t give a damn. All I got out of that gesture was the pain of having my tail yanked brutally upwards. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until I felt his dicks touching both of my holes that I remembered about his twin dicks. Knowing what he intended, I was paralyzed with fear, fear of the pain I knew would come, the pain I could do nothing to prevent. I found myself thankful that he had allowed me to lubricate his dick first, and that realization chilled me more than anything else.

His first thrust was ultimate, searing pain. Both of my cherries were robbed from me, at the exactly same time… my ass, unaccustomed to any sort of intrusion, protested loudly to the blunt invader that had so suddenly materialized. The hole itself felt like a ring of liquid fire. Simultaneously, his lower dick entered my pussy, unlubricated. I don’t know what he expected, but his oral rape hadn’t exactly made me wet. He didn’t seem to care a lot, and simply pushed on despite the resistance. When the pain of him breaking the physical barrier within my virgin pussy joined that of my first, brutal, anal experience, I could no longer contain it. Not caring whether he’d punish me, I screamed out my agony, wishing feverently that somebody would come and help me.

For a second, I thought my wish had been granted. The starlight was blotted out as Rhydon appeared out of the semi-darkness. Then my hopes fell, and I could almost hear my spirit break. Far from attacking Machamp, he stepped up to my head and flexed some abdominal muscles. A part of the natural armor that covered his crotch slid aside, allowing his hard cock to pop out into the cool night air. He had only one, but the shape was interesting… almost like a cone, quite pointy and very fat towards the bottom, but it became slim again a bit further down. Hard to describe, really, but it would obviously be easier to get in than to get out. Either way, he wasted no time pushing it into my face, and one look at his armored fists was enough to convince me that refusing him would be bad for my health. So, I opened my mouth as far as it would go, and took him in.

Somewhat thicker than either of Machamp’s, more than twice as thick where it was biggest… and almost as long. My jaws hurt when he tried to push in the thick part, and I hoped he would realize that it could never fit. But he didn’t take no for an answer, not even when it came from a set of facial bones. Pushing my head into his crotch with both hands, he thrust forwards and almost dislocated my jaw as he finally managed to force the bulge past my teeth. I despaired as to getting it out again without loosing several teeth, but there was little time to worry about the future. He hadn’t wasted any time, and was already fucking my face with as long strokes as the bulge would allow, going well into my throat. Well, I had gotten a quick lesson in technique a bit earlier, and I reasoned that the sooner he came, the sooner I could get that choking staff out of my mouth.

As I began actively sucking Rhydon’s staff, Machamp’s lower cock ejected its wad into my womb. With my sensitive ears, I felt I could almost hear the sound of his bursts hitting the walls of my cunt. He didn’t even slow down, though, since his upper dick hadn’t cum yet. Probably because I had sucked that one off only minutes earlier. It would take time before that one could blow again, and it was clear that he had no intention of stopping until that happened. Tears started flowing down my cheeks as I realized that my torment would probably last all night. It quickly became obvious, though, that Machamp was getting impatient. Till then, he had fucked me with long, hard strokes, and I had more or less gotten used to it by then. But suddenly, he speeded up, and started to push both his cocks deeper and harder. Holding me by the base of my tail, he was pulling me into his thrust, ensuring that every stroke went as deep as possible. His thick, gray skin hardly made a sound as it collided with my furry haunches, but the strength of the thrusts was punishing. My tears kept flowing as I sobbed around Rhydon’s cock.

While Machamp put his entire body into the fuck, Rhydon slowed down his thrusts into my throat. I instantly realized that he was about to pull out, and strained my jaws to the extreme to make it possible. He pulled out, but grunted in pain as my canines dragged along the bulge in his cock. It gave me some satisfaction to know that I had returned a fraction of the pain he had caused me. After getting it all the way out, he pushed it at my face and grunted “Rrrrhydon!” Knowing better than to argue, I complied and started licking his cock with my tongue. Compared to having it forced into my throat, it was almost pleasant, but it forced me to taste it. Towards the tip, I tasted something bitter, and figured that his plundering cock had probably picked up some of the load that Machamp had deposited in my throat shortly before Rhydon arrived. I found the taste unpleasant, but knew that I would probably be tasting much more of it before long.

Finally sated, Machamp cried out “Machaaaaamp!!”, and pushed himself as far into me as he could get while his upper cock released the second load of the night. It felt hot and slimy as it made its way up my intestines, a strange feeling, but actually quite soothing after the fiery pain of the anal rape. Seeing that his buddy was done, Rhydon left my face and circled around me. I felt all hope leave me as I realized that they were gonna take turns screwing my already sore pussy and ass until they got tired of it – which could take a long time. My last hope, that Machamp had finally gotten enough and would go back to sleep, was shattered as he walked over to my face and stuck his twin dicks into my face. When the upper dick was pushed towards my mouth, I shied back from the stench. Having just emerged from my ass, the prick had a lot of sperm hanging from it, but red and brown stains could be seen quite clearly. I could not believe that he really expected me to do that.

A huge hand around my neck convinced me, and I reluctantly opened my mouth to take him in. His hand stopped me, and I saw that he had intended for me the ultimate humiliation: I would have to lick the residue of my brutalized ass off his cock with my tongue, tasting every inch, and he would be able to see it. But I had no choice… I knew that even if I continued to struggle, they would not kill me, merely beat me to a bloody pulp and rape my helpless body. As it was, they merely raped my helpless body, without the bloody pulp bit. So, I stuck out my tongue and licked some of his sperm off, disgusted with the bitter taste. Mixed with the metallic taste of blood, and, well, shit, the totality of it nearly made me throw up. Just as I had taken my second lick, I heard a strange sound behind me and turned my head. What I saw made my heart stop for a second. Rhydon’s cone-shaped dick was spinning rapidly, just like I had seen his horn do earlier. And when I saw him lift my tail and aim that murderous weapon high, I thought I would die from the shock. My asshole was sore and bleeding from Machamp’s brutal deflowering, there was no way I could survive that. Then a blow to the head made me see stars as Machamp punished me for the insolence I had shown in turning my head away from his cocks.

In a way, that was fortunate… the blow almost knocked me out, and so the pain of Rhydon’s initial penetration didn’t quite register in my brain. But when I regained the use of my senses a moment later, all they told me of was pain. Where my anal ring had felt like flowing fire during Machamp’s attack, it now felt like molten lava. Though my saliva had coated it throughoutly, it none the less encountered much resistance due to its girth. It quickly became obvious that the spinning action eased Rhydon’s entry into me, preventing my anal musculature from clamping down on him, but it also put me in a world of pain. My body was wrecked by agony, and I threw myself around in the hopes of escaping from that terrible impalement. But Rhydon held my haunches in a grip as tough as stone, nullifying all my exertions. But Machamp soon got tired of my inactivity and took hold of my head with two of his hands. Blinded by pain, I hardly noticed until he forced his stained cock into my mouth. Then, Rhydon’s cock reached the widest point, and I almost fainted as it was forced into my strained hole. But after that point, his cock grew thinner again, allowing the hole to close on it, easing my pain. Regaining a sort of coherence, I felt Machamp’s third hand tighten around my throat, and realized that I had been neglecting my duties to his cock.

I started moving my head up and down on it, actively sucking and licking at it. Having felt ultimate pain, the bad taste seemed like an unimportant detail, and his cock was soon cleaned off and dripping with saliva. Satisfied with my work, he pulled it out and instead fed me his other cock, the one that had been in my pussy. While I had been doing this, Rhydon had established a steady rhythm of fucking, causing me only mild pain. His large bulk made it impossible to fuck as fast as Machamp, but he also had more weight to put behind his thrusts, and he fully used this. His cock slid out slowly, until the bulge pulled out on my anal ring, and then sawed forwards until his armor plating bit into my pussy. Machamp had already visited the parts he traversed, but he widened my shit chute a lot…

I only noticed this with half my mind, though. I was mainly concerned with performing on Machamp’s remaining cock to his satisfaction. Rhydon could take his pleasure from my ass without any active interacting from me, but it took some skill to suck a cock properly. The fact that it had picked up a sweet taste from my pussy helped some, but since I lacked the experience and training to do a skillful job, I had to compensate with enthusiasm. I fucked it with my mouth, allowing the cockhead to touch the entrance to my throat on every downstroke. To add some variety, I then pulled off it completely, and licked at his ballsacks for a bit. He had two sets, both hanging under the lower cock, one under the other. They tasted salty, probably from sweat, but some of the sweet tang of my pussy also clung to them. I then licked my way up his cock, and ran my tongue around the sensitive ridge under the head. That did it for him, and his fourth hand suddenly shot down and gripped his cock, aiming it at my mouth. The thought of avoiding the sperm didn’t even occur to me as I opened my mouth wide, and submissively accepted wad after wad into my mouth. A lot of it hit my face, mattering my fur and making it stick unpleasantly to my face. I swallowed several mouthfuls of it, letting it glide down my throat with no though for spitting it out. I still found the taste slightly unpleasant, but I enjoyed the texture as it filled my throat.

Suddenly, Rhydon’s cock stopped spinning… I could only guess at the meaning of that, but my guess turned out to be right on. Seconds later, he exploded into my ass. His wad came with even more force than had Machamp’s, and he just kept on cumming. Machamp had been sated, and walked away to get some rest, while Rhydon continued to shoot into me. Without being able to tell time accurately, I figure that he kept filling me for more than five minutes – maybe ten! After a few minutes, I got a funny feeling in my gut, and that feeling gradually changed to pain as my intestine was inflated by the continuous stream of cum. Ordinarily, it would have leaked out from my asshole, but the immediate pressure had force back Rhydon’s cock, so that the bulging bottom of it completely sealed the hole. The more cum he pumped into me, the more the pressure forced his cock back, and the tighter my ass was sealed. I could do nothing but mewl in pain as the pressure on my anal ring joined that on my intestines, creating a symphony of pain.

As he finally stopped shooting off, I figured out the idea of his spinning cock. The thickest part could only pass through my clutching anal ring while spinning, so when he had stopped the rotation, he had effectively sealed my ass, forcing me to keep his huge wad inside of me. Had I been a Rhydon female, that could have helped to ensure an impregnation, by preventing leakage… However, knowing the evolutionary reasons for his cock’s functions did nothing to lessen the pain they had caused me. I was forced to lie there for more than fifteen minutes, enduring the pressure on my inside, before his cock finally started rotating again. The pain was there, of course, but I welcomed it because I knew it would mean relief soon. Sure enough, as soon as the thickest part of his cock came out, the cum sprayed from my ass, completely soaking the fur on my hindquarters. He got hit too, but it didn’t stick to his smooth armor. Now sated, he left me and went to sleep.

Although my fatigue was great, I took a bath in the pond before going back to sleep. I washed the cum out of my fur, and the bad taste out of my mouth, but somehow I still felt dirty when I came out of the water. I feared for tomorrow, but what could I do? Nothing, except going to sleep and hoping for the best…

The following day, both of the guys acted like nothing had happened, mainly ignoring me like they used to. For a while, I felt hopeful… maybe they had regretted their actions, and would not repeat them? I expected to get the answer to that by nightfall, but I found out much sooner that I had been sorely mistaken. It was high noon, and there was a fair amount of traffic on the path outside. A pair of trainers had just started a fight, one using a Raticate, the other a Nidoran. The battle seemed to be fairly even. I had just settled down to watch, when I heard a call. “Machamp! Macho macho champ!” I turned around, incredulous. He couldn’t mean that, could he? It was broad daylight, and there were more than ten people within viewing distance! But when I saw the bulge in his shorts, I knew he meant it… and a wave of his over-sized fists convinced me to obey. I walked over to him, feeling the fear I had experienced last night return full-force… I had thought it couldn’t get worse, but now he was demanding a blow-job in full public!

When I reached him, he pulled down his shorts and secured them under his balls. Both his cocks were hard, and the upper one stood straight up, while the other pointed forwards at an angle. He was sitting on the ground with his legs spread, making it easy for me to reach them. Bending down and smelling the sweaty tang of his balls, I was rather happy that his position meant that I had to turn my back on the pathway outside – at least I wouldn’t have to see them while I obeyed his perverted command. With some effort, I could block out their presence entirely, forgetting that there was an audience. Besides, who said they would even look in at us? Most of the people seemed to be concentrating on the pokématch, and people rarely looked in here anyway. Either way, the faster I got his rocks off, the less chance of anybody seeing me at it.

Starting with the lower cock, I quickly swallowed it whole. I found that I could allow it into my throat with a minimum of discomfort, probably owing to the forced deep-throating I had received last night – a quick education, sort of when a mother bird pushed the kids out of the nest. Necessity was a good teacher. Regardless, I had noticed how the involuntary contractions of my throat had stimulated him last time, and now began consciously massaging him with my throat muscle. I would swallow, constrict-constrict, pull back and lick his cockhead, repeating this pattern several times. Soon, I had him squirming, and he rumbled: “Ma-machamp!” I thanked fate that the people out there couldn’t understand his language, or they would all have known what was going on here. Reluctantly complying, I backed up a little and opened my mouth, while he closed one huge hand arround his cock and jerked it a few times. He had obviously been very close, for he came after only two strokes. His accuracy was remarkable, his first wad hitting me right in the mouth. I swallowed quickly, and opened my mouth again, not daring to displease him in any way. Meanwhile, another wad had hit my face, making my fur sticky. I swallowed the next wad, and while doing so got a squirt in my right eye, only barely managing to close it first. When he finally stopped shooting, my face was practically covered with cum.

I had expected to be ordered to continue on the second dick, and although the bitter cum still tasted awful to me, it would have been preferable to what happened next. Not even bothering to tell me what to do, he picked me up and turned me around, just like he had done the night before. “Eeeeeveeee!” I prayed, hoping that he would at list extend me the mercy of not fucking my still smarting asshole, which had not nearly recuperated from Rhydon’s ordeal. “Machamp…” he grinned, surprising me. But sure enough, he pushed his upper cock into my pussy, while the lower one caressed my clit, giving me great pleasure. I moaned, enjoying sex for the first time. That’s when I noticed that my earlier hope of staying unnoticed had come to naught, like so many other hopes I had held recently. The pokématch had apparently ended, and now eleven young men were standing at the fence, watching me get screwed and enjoy it. Some were cheering or whistling, and I could see that one of them was speaking into a mobile phone… probably calling in more audience. I blushed ferociously under my fur, but there was no escape for me. And at that time, I had no wish to run anyway, although that soon changed.

The lower dick’s grinding on my clip brought me to an orgasm for the first time. I felt like I was drowning in pleasure, when it suddenly was replaced by tearing pain. A look between my legs ascertained it, but before that I had figured out what had happened. Machamp had forced his other dick into my pussy as well, stretching it more than it had ever been before. And he hadn’t even given me a chance to get used to this new bulk within me, he had started fucking me hard as soon as he got it in. Two of his hands were holding me in place, a definite necessity since the strength of his thrusts would otherwise have propelled me forwards. His other hands had probably been used to insert his other prick inside me, but now they joined the first two on me. This surprised me, since it shouldn’t require a full four arms just to hold me steady. That mystery was soon solved.

Without warning, I was lifted form the ground, still with his cocks inside me. Before I knew it, I was suspended vertically in the air, now completely helpless with no feet on the ground. His arms held me steadily, lifting me up and down on his two cocks, the downstroke now aided by gravity. I wondered for a moment why he had done it, since this position actually afforded him less penetration, but that too was quickly solved. As the cheering redoubled, I realized that I was now fully exposed to the crowd, my cum-soaked body as well as the actual fucking action in plain view. Machamp was actually putting on a show for them. I also noticed that more people had come, including some girls, but nobody seemed to want to break things up. And why should they? They couldn’t see that I was being raped, and if I cried out, they would not understand me. A moment later, Machamp reinforced the illusion that I was a consenting partner, whispering “Macham-p” in my ear. With all rebelliousness long since fucked out of me, I turned my head and french-kissed him, putting on a show like he wanted. Sure enough, they cheered louder, and somebody even started clapping.

Actually, the exhibitionism didn’t bother me all that much at the moment. At first, the humiliation of being shown to the world as a cock-hungry bitch had terrified me, but at the moment the pain in my pussy made all such social concerns unimportant. His cocks were fairly large, and with two inside me, I was stretched to the point of tearing. I wondered briefly whether he would stop fucking me is my pussy actually tore, but quickly dismissed the thought. It was too sickening to consider. The stretching felt almost like I was giving birth, and I was happy that I wasn’t compatible with Machamp. Otherwise, I’d risk finding out whether the comparison had been true. Rhydon was a different story, though… he could make me pregnant. But he hadn’t cum in my pussy yet, and if I could only avoid that, I was safe from that at least.

I was pulled from those hazy thought when Machamp erupted violently inside me. Although his dicks were a tight fit, their shapes left plenty of room for the cum to leak out, so once again the audience got a real show… most of the cum he pumped up into me ran right back out again, covering his balls and demonstrating the size of his load to the people. When he finished, I was not surprised by the order he whispered into my ear as he lifted me off his cocks and put me down again. As ordered, I immediately turned around and started cleaning his crotch, licking cum and pussy-juice off both cocks and all four balls. The bent over position I took to do this also left my cum-splattered labia open to scrutiny from the gawkers. As I finished licking all the cum off Machamp’s genitalia, and turned to walk over to the pond to resume my drinking, their shattering applause made me feel lower than dirt. I had put on an impressive live-show, showing myself off as an over-charged whore who would willingly take any cock, anywhere, regardless of who was watching. Yet, the damage was not as bad as one might think. Few people were able to know one Eevee from the other, so even if I was faced with one of them again, they wold not recognize me. Indeed, the worst part was that it had proven to me that Machamp at least was not done with me.

Rhydon had spent the entire show dozing in the shade, apparently caring little for what happened. Which probably meant that he didn’t regret his earlier actions either, he just hadn’t been interested at the time. So, both of them would abuse my body at regular intervals for the duration of our stay together. The thought almost caused me to collapse, feeling that it was futile to go on living. But even if I had the means, which I didn’t, I did not have to courage to end my own life. So, I would live on as a sex-toy for two males… I could only prey that Crystal soon came to pick us up.

I was not surprised when I was awakened that night. Although Machamp was obviously willing to screw me in broad daylight, the night was still the main time for fucking. As he kneeled down and pulled me into his crotch, ordering me to suck his cock, I suddenly knew what was coming. Whether it was my dormant Espeon-genes rousing themselves for a moment, or simply a quick flash of logic, I realized what Machamp intended to do with those cocks when he was done. Of course, knowing didn’t give me any comfort, quite the contrary. But at least it convinced me to do a good job on the cocks, covering both in a thick layer of saliva. When I was done, I was turned around, but before Machamp could order me to assume my usual submissive position, with my head on the ground and my ass high in the air, I did so on my own accord. There was no point in giving him an excuse to do me harder.

My preconception was confirmed when I felt his lower cock entering my ass. Although it was still slightly sore from the previous night, I didn’t feel stretched in any way. Compared to Rhydon’s bulging dick, Machamp was puny. That changed after he had done three-four strokes, when he poised the other dickhead at my anal ring and started pushing it in. Exactly as I had foreseen, the scene from the day was repeating itself, only in the other hole. Had it not been for the experience with Rhydon, my ass would have been torn open by this second cock, and the pain was just as blinding as back then. Machamp was neither gentle nor careful, he thrust fully into me as soon as he was sure that he was lodged securely within me. After a few testing thrusts, that left me grinding my teeth in pain, he took me in the same four-armed grip he had used that day, and lifter me into the vertical position. The difference was that, due to the different angle of approach, this position actually afforded better anal penetration that the doggy position they had used before. Both his staffs attained full penetration as I was forced down on them, stretching the sensitive skin of my ass around their fat bases. Then Machamp got to his feet, suspending me above the ground, supported only by his cocks. His hands didn’t really hold me up, they just stopped me from falling forwards.

I blinked my eyes as Rhydon appeared out of the darkness. For someone that big, he moved surprisingly silently, coming as much as a surprise as the previous night. This time, he had already opened his armor, and his erect cock stuck out almost horizontally. He didn’t even waste time greeting Machamp, simply walking right into me. At the height Machamp held me, I was set perfectly for Rhydon to enter my pussy, which he did instantly. I found that it was somewhat easier – and certainly less painful – to take him there than in the ass. The only real problem was that my abdomen was already full of cock, with both of Machamp’s stuck deep inside her ass… then I remembered my earlier thoughts about childbirth, and nearly panicked. Rhydon was compatible with me, if he came in my pussy I might get pregnant!

Knowing that pleas for mercy would be futile, I attempted a different strategy, however disgusting it seemed to myself. I started talking to him, telling him that he shouldn’t make do with my sloppy bitch pussy, that if only he waited until Machamp was done, he could put it up my tight ass. I asked him to remember how good it had been for him to pump his sperm up my hot little ass, and asked him if he didn’t want to try that again. He ignored me, and I forced myself to start actually begging him to screw my tight little ass, telling him that I would fuck back at him if he did it, helping him to enter, that I would clean him off with my tongue afterwards… Of course, it was all deception aimed at avoiding a pregnancy, which would be worse than anything I had experienced to date. Yet, every time I said another dirty word, I felt herself slip a little deeper into the role they had selected for me – the cock-hungry bitch they had shown the world that day. And it was all for nothing… Rhydon never even answered me, he just kept drilling my pussy.

Machamp lifted me up, making Rhydon’s bulge tug at my pussy lips, and then dropped me, allowing gravity to pull me all the way down. My well-stretched holes took in the three cocks to the hilt, causing me excruciating pain in the process. But while the pain had not lessened, I found that I was getting used to it, that I was able to ignore it, at least in part. Doing so, I became conscious of the pleasure they were – unintentionally – causing me… Rhydon’s cone-shaped cock was massaging every square centimeter of my inner pussy, and his girth made my clit rub along the bulge on the way down. The feeling of warmth and fullness in my ass also felt somehow erotic, and I suddenly found myself on the brink of cumming. Although it would be only the second time I tried it, I felt that I was already getting addicted to it. That maybe I would soon engage in these filthy, humiliating and painful acts voluntarily, just to experience that blinding pleasure once again.

My prayers stilled, and my screams of pain turned to mewls of pleasure as it hit me. I saw stars, like when Machamp had hit me, and felt like I almost blacked out. The pleasure flooded over me, and I was happily drowning in it. While it happened, my body responded eagerly to the two rapists that had so totally encased me between their hard bodies. Gaining leverage on Rhydon’s chest, I pushed myself down on their hard rods, enjoying even the pain in my ass as the orgasm turned everything to pleasure. When I came down, a few minutes later, and realized what I had done, I felt more humiliated than ever before. For the first time, I had actually helped them to abuse my body, and I knew within myself that I had not done it out of fear or anything else… I simply wanted them to do it so that I could experience the effects it had on me.

A few seconds later, Rhydon’s drill stopped, and I knew that I could only pray for luck. His fertile sperm shot into my womb, searching for an egg, and all I could do was hope that it didn’t find one. Like my intestines the night before, my womb was inflated, and I soon looked like I was very pregnant. But the womb, unlike my ass, was build to stretch that far, and the pain was nowhere near as bad. As before, Rhydon’s bulge sealed my hole, and I knew from experience that his huge bludgeon would be stuck inside me for a goodly while. Machamp wasn’t late to take advantage of that. Using the stability Rhydon had provided, he started fucking me in earnest, with long, hard strokes. His leg muscles lifted me a bit off Rhydon’s cock on every upstroke, causing it to tug on my outer labia. As Machamp came, he thrust up with all his might, completely lifting me off Rhydon’s bulge. The gallons of cum that had thus far been contained within me rushed out, and most of Machamp’s load joined it soon.

Finished, Machamp dropped me on the cum-covered ground beneath them. I lay there panting while they left, not caring that the muddy mess I was lying on was getting stuck in my fur. My pussy was smarting, from having Rhydon’s bulge torn unceremoniously torn out of it, and I wondered if giving birth could be more painful than that. Probably. But there was no reason to give up everything yet… despite the quantity of sperm that had been within me, and the time it had spend there, I would not get pregnant unless there had been a fertile egg there at that time, which was not certain in any way. Having thought that thought, I dragged my way to the pond for my nightly bath.

I was lucky. I didn’t get pregnant, and the day after, Crystal returned. However…

“Hey there, young lady! Have you come to retrieve some of your pokémon?” the old lady asked, smiling. Crystal nodded. “Yeah… I’m heading off to challenge a bloke named Red, and I’m going to need Machamp and Rhydon.” The old lady nodded, and retrieved the two pokémon. “Here you are, dearie… what about your Eevee? It’s gone up quite a few levels…” Crystal shook her head. “Naah… I haven’t been able to get my hands on a Water Stone yet. You can keep her for a bit longer.” Then she seemed to remember something. “Oh, but I do have a couple of other pokémon I’d like you to take care of…”

The End… for now, anyway.


Razar Hunbe said...

I dont like to hate but you sir a sick as fuck man that was the most horrible thing ever god never write something like that without writing a warning at the start i barley got into it before i began to gag. Goodday to you.

John Doe said...

Don't be a bitch, that wasn't that bad

Dennis Williams said...

That was so sexy

Ethan Schoenheit said...

please don't make eevee go through anymore, i don't want to cry anymore.

12 said...

Jesus Christ, I was hard before I looked this up, now I just want to kill myself

12 said...

Should have found a water stone in the pond and then killed them both in a painful manner, I'd be able to jerk it to the pure justice of that in itself

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